33 Weeks - Pregnancy #3

Each Sunday, I'd like to do a highlights post, including a picture, summarizing the differences in my pregnancy from week to week.  I totally "grabbed" this idea from Kelly.  I did this with my pregnancies with Hadley and with Jack, as well, and I still think it is a great way to jot down the things that I don't want to forget later on. 

Pregnancy Highlights:

How far along:  33 weeks - Third Trimester

Size of baby:  Baby Girl weighs as much as a honeydew melon (around 4 1/4 pounds)

Total weight gain/loss:  So far I've gained a whopping 23 pounds.  I hate being weighed now.

Maternity clothes:  I do try to put on clothes other than my pajamas, but some days that doesn't happen until well into the afternoon just so I can go for a walk and be somewhat presentable.

Gender: A stubborn, breech baby girl ;)

Movement:  She stays curled up on my right side, butt out, and periodically bounces on my bladder. That mostly happens at night.

Sleep:  Not a lot--two and three and sometimes four trips to the bathroom throughout the night leave me awake a lot of the time

What I miss:  full-on hugs, lying flat on my back

Cravings:  ice cream

Symptoms:  acid reflux every night before bed and sometimes during the day

Exercise: walking most afternoons and the occasional pilates workout

Belly Button in or out: It's still flat.

Wedding ring on or off: On :)

Happy or moody most of the time:  Happy!

Looking forward to:  getting past 36 weeks!  32 weeks is when I went into preterm labor with Jack, so I was a bit nervous this past week.  36 weeks is when I delivered him.  I'd like to get as close to my due date as possible with this little lady :)

Best moment this week:  Oh, I can't tell you!!! Actually, I can.  Tomorrow.  Stay tuned.  It's BIG, People! :)

33 Weeks
I'm ginormous.
And, something else ginormous?  The three HUGE loads of baby girl laundry (that pile behind me is just ONE of the loads).  We have been sooooo blessed by friends and friends of friends with baby girl clothes. Let the sorting begin (continue)!  


  1. Yes, I can't wait to see the little lady in many of these super cute outfits!!! You are indeed blessed with an abundance of baby girl clothes!! Love you.


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