The Name Game - Revisited

I promised a week ago that I'd post a name poll (especially for Aunt Jan!) before they all leave on their trip next week, and I completely forgot about it until 11pm last night.  Oops!

Forgotten.  That's my memory lately, Folks.

So, this is probably too late for you, Aunt Jan, but here it is anyway.  Have fun voting!

Oh, and Mom, you better put your poker face on when Aunt Jan grills you ;)
Just practice smiling and saying, "You'll find out in August!" :D

I loved ALL of these! The Husband...not so much!  Which name is your favorite, or which do you think we've chosen for our baby girl?
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  1. I wonder what the middle name is?

  2. You've definitely gotten the "Hope" name down!!! LOL And, yes, I will put on my poker face for Jan! Love you.


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