Monday, Monday

Well, this was originally a "Five Facts Friday" post, but since I haven't gotten around to finishing it until just now, I don't think I can treat it as such, haha. 

I've got a few neat things to share first, and then I'll end with a prayer request. 

The last week has been filled with so many new things. 

Jack started cutting a tooth early last week.  A few fun-filled days later, and he's the proud owner of three teeth. The new one is the top left one. I always thought they made their entrance in pairs. Haha, he's looking a little funny (but so cute!) with two on the bottom and a lone tooth on the top :)

Near the end of last week, our boy finally began pulling himself up on chairs and the coffee table and the play pen and in bed! And is he ever proud of himself?! We're pretty pleased, too!

Then, just this afternoon, he began crawling! He's been scooting in circles and backwards for a few weeks, but today he began moving forward. So so cute! I've gotten several videos, but I haven't been able to post them on here. Here's a blurry still shot :)

This week starts appointment mania for me. I had a dentist appointment today, and tomorrow begins my bi-weekly non-stress tests. I'm not nervous. I've been feeling her move often, and I'm so thankful we've made it this far without complications. 

Because we've picked out a name for our girl, and because my mom asked me to do this for my sweet Aunt Jan who REALLY wants to know her name, sometime this week I'll post a "name poll" like we did with Jack. I'll give you our top four or five choices, and if you feel inclined to, you can pick your favorite or try to guess which one we've chosen. :) 

Th Husband has been working as a correctional officer for a few weeks now, and the men and women who do that amaze me. To work in that kind of hostile environment day in and day out, to have insults and threats thrown at them their entire shift, and to endure while mostly being on their own has got to wear them down in the worst way. He's my hero for doing this. For continuing to do his best when the worst is what he's hearing and seeing.  Please pray for him. Please pray for his safety and stamina and the courage to "keep on keepin on."  And, please pray that he will continue to do well in school, that his heart and mind would stay focused on his goal, that he will finish the race well in September, and that he will get in to a really great department.  And, while you're at it :), please pray for our marriage and our family as we have very little time together.  Our weekends are precious, but those will soon be gone, as he will be scheduled to work mandatory overtime often. 

This is but a season! *nodding my head*

Thanks, y'all. I hope your week has been as blessed as mine has been so far. 


  1. So many exciting things are happening! What a joy to behold!!! And, yes, we continue to pray for Spencer's stamina and courage as he goes about his days. Your Aunt Jan will be very pleased about the poll. LOL Love you.


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