Five Facts Friday and 10 Months Old!

1.  Wednesday, I had a prenatal appointment.
They measured my belly three times, and each time they only shower that I was measuring 18 or 19 weeks when I'm supposed to be measuring 22. So, just to be safe, the doctor ordered an ultrasound to see if anything was amiss. The Bestie went back with me that afternoon because I was pretty anxious, and I didn't want to be alone.
Everything looked fine (that we could tell...I suppose I'll have to wait for my doctor to look at everything, too), and we got a few sweet shots of Little Miss :). She's was measuring 22 weeks 1 day (according to the calendar, I was 22 weeks 3 days), and it showed her weighing 1 pound 2 ounces.

2.  Speaking of the doctor...because of my history with losing Hadley at almost 24 weeks, and because I went into preterm labor with Jack twice (at 32-ish weeks and 36 weeks), my doctor wants to monitor me very closely beginning at the 24-week mark. 
This means I will be going in for an NST (non-stress test) twice a week from that point until I go into labor. I counted up all of the NST appointments and the other scheduled monthly, bi-monthly, and weekly appointments, and if I make it to my due date, I will visit that office at least 41 times. 41 appointments in the next 4 1/2 months. 

3.  My mom rocks. 
I showed her that list of appointments, and she didn't complain or grumble at all. You see, she's Jack's  babysitter when I have appointments. So that means, for the next 4 1/2 months, she's going to be very busy! Except for the week she and Dad go on vacation (when I will have to find someone to watch Jack for an hour and a half two mornings--any volunteers lol?), two to three mornings a week, she will get to feed and play with and love on my boy. I say "get to" because she doesn't see it as a burden. She's a great Nana :) and a wonderful mom.  

4.  The weather has been simply lovely this week. We've walked to the park three times with Jack, and he has loved the swing and has enjoyed looking at everything around him. 
Yesterday, my sister came by for lunch, and the three of us walked there together. She took some great pictures of him for me!  I bought him some sunglasses and a hat, and we tried them out for the first time. He tolerated them well :) And, he managed to look like the coolest kid on the block ;)

5.  Today, Jack is 10 months old!!! Where has the time gone?


  1. I'm so incredibly grateful that I am having this opportunity to be such an integral part of Jack Campbell's life. "Baby minding" him is tops on my list, and I would never consider it a burden. Baby girl's profile pic is so sweet; can't wait to meet her in person. Love you.


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