Five Facts Friday (4/4)

1.  I almost never wear shoes anymore unless I'm leaving the house.
I am the stereotypical "barefoot and pregnant" woman and proud of it. Shoes are uncomfortable and get in the way (except they do serve a purpose outside, as I do not like walking on concrete or in dirt barefooted). 

2.  The Husband starts his new job next week, and we are both thrilled and nervous :)

3. I think Jack will be crawling soon. He's great at getting from sitting to all fours, but then he usually slides to his belly from there. These "new" things happening are so neat to watch!

4. He's also been dealing with some separation anxiety. If I leave the room for even a few minutes, he often gets upset. If others hold him or even look at him while sitting/standing nearby, he has to see me at all times. I was starting to worry that I'd done something to make him this clingy and that he wasn't getting enough independent playtime (which he probably isn't, but finding a room where no one goes for any length of time is a challenge), and then I read this article and felt much better :)

5.  And finally, I should have written a "Thankful Thursday" post about this yesterday, but I was too tired to form sentences. We sold the condo yesterday morning!  We signed our papers Wednesday, and they signed theirs yesterday, and now we can breathe a huge sigh of relief. 
Thank you, God! And, thank you, Bridget, our wonderful realtor!  


  1. Yes, thank you God, for all the exciting changes that are occurring! He definitely is in charge! Love you.


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