Two Things Tuesday (3/4)

1.  Trying to nurse an almost nine month old little boy, who is incredibly curious with regards to the world around him (even in a mostly dark room with nothing exciting happening. At. All.), is like trying to cuddle and contain a monkey who has recently learned how to do backflips and who is bent on trying out this new trick every 30 seconds.  

Arms flail.  Legs repeatedly kick the arms of the rocking chair.  Back arches.  Giggles at the colorful towel hanging in front of the curtain echo off the walls.  It's a ridiculous test of patience that I fail more often than not.  This wouldn't be quite so frustrating if I wasn't desperately working to maintain (or even increase..hahahahaha) my decreasing supply.  Anywho, I've ordered some More Milk Two (alcohol free) by Motherlove on The Bestie's recommendation, and I'm praying that will help. I hope it gets here soon. 

2.  I painted my fingernails last night. 

They're pink (they look a little red in the photo though). This is big news since my nails haven't had any color on them since my wedding day.  There just never seems to be a good time. I worked with chalk on a chalkboard for much of my time teaching, and it seemed like a waste of time and energy (and money if I paid someone to do it). I used some birthday money recently to buy a few new polishes (meant for my toes), and The Husband implied that he'd like me to paint my fingernails, too. I do have a son who constantly tries to chew on my fingers (due to the two bottom teeth irritating him and possibly more coming in on the top in the near future), so there's no telling how long this will last. But, I did want to try it out, even if only to see The Husband smile a little :). 


  1. Well, you told me you accidentally deleted my post and I don't remember what I typed, but I'll tell you I love you!!! And, it's good you are doing something for yourself!!


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