Two Things Tuesday (3/24)

1.  Yesterday, we got to have our growth scan ultrasound.  I was super nervous.  A lot played into those feelings, but I'm so glad to report that everything looks good.  The amniotic sac is fused with the uterine lining, so that's a big load off.  Her heart looks good, and she has a strong heartbeat (145-ish).  She's measuring right on track (20 weeks and 1 day yesterday), and even a little bit ahead on one or two things (she's weighing 12 ounces, which is a tiny bit bigger than what they estimate little ones this age will weigh).
Our appointment lasted about an hour, and the technician took tons of pictures.  She'll pass them along to the radiologist, who will check everything out.  Then, he will pass his report on to my doctor/midwife.
Oh, and we made sure she's still a girl :).

2. Here are a few shots from yesterday.  I tried to convince the tech to get a cute side profile shot, but she said the side profiles aren't really informative.  Oh.  But, I love them!  Maybe next time!
Yes, she still looks like a little alien baby, but she did some really cute things during the ultrasound.  Every so often, she'd cross her legs, knee over knee.  She also likes to keep her arms up by her face (second and third picture).  At one point, we watched as she placed her arms/hands over her eyes, and I said, "Jack does that!"


  1. Oh, so sweet!!! We can't wait to meet this precious little girl. So very glad the scan went well. Love you.


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