Five Facts Friday (3/7)

1.  Jack's had an off-and-on fever since Wednesday.
It ranges anywhere from 99 to 101.5. He goes long stretches of no fever (like 10 o'clock last night to noon today) without the aid of medicines. Very strange. 
He has no other discernible symptoms. He's still as sweet as ever.  He does let me know when his temp is rising, however.  His cheeks get very flushed, and he becomes sad, clingy, and frustrated easily. He also has been napping more than usual. Poor baby. I want him to feel better, so I can stop worrying!

2.  The Husband and I finally agreed on a name for Baby Girl!
It was REALLY difficult this go round. Every name I liked, he hated. Every one he proposed, I nixed.  People watched us argue over names with bemused expressions or unsure glances passing between them. I think maybe some of them thought our marriage might be in jeopardy if a name wasn't agreed upon soon. Then, Wednesday night, when I was up at 3am checking Jack's temperature, I started hearing this name in my head. It stuck with me for an hour, so I texted The Husband at work. He responded that he liked it. Miracle of miracles, haha!  So, we have a sweet name for our sweet girl. We'll probably do what we did last time around and not share it with anyone accept our family and maybe a few close friends. 
*Full disclosure*
It's actually a name I had in my mind when I was in college while I dreamed of and waited and planned for the family of my very own that I'd one day have. I had forgotten how much I liked it then. I'm glad it popped up again when it did :). 
*Full disclosure #2*
I also thought I'd have three little girls, haha, so whenever I'd come up with names, I'd always come up with three at a time just to make sure they sounded good together ;)

3.  I found this website today, and IT IS AWESOME! 
Click on 'Plans' at the top, and type in anything you're wanting to build or have built, and you'll be crazy-stunned to see all the neat projects, complete with plans and drawings, that this gal has worked up. I can't wait to be in our own home again so my wonderful, talented, amazingly-skilled husband can work on some of the neat projects I found on there!  You know, in all the spare time he'll have ;). I realize some of these could take forever if he's only able to work on them a couple of hours a week, but still. It's super neat to think we could have a house full of things he's built. 

4.  I still haven't watched the entire season finale episode of Downton Abbey.
Ugh. I hope The Husband will be up for it tomorrow after he wakes up!  I don't think I can wait much longer!  Lest you think that is some form of torture I use on him, he actually likes the show. He even suggested Sybil as a name. Not happening, but it was fun to hear him suggest it! My mother-in-law also suggested Carson for a boy before she knew we were having a girl. I laughed and said, "yeah, we could name him Carson Bates OurLastName!"  The Husband said, "That's a bad-a$$ name!"  Y'all, I about died. Good thing this one's a girl!

5.  I CAN'T WAIT for warmer weather.
Maybe then I'd change out of pajamas more often. I'm sure that would be a welcome sight to all. 


  1. OK - we're waiting for the "name!!" Jack C. has been so sweet while not feeling up to par; sure hope his fever breaks very soon and you can quit worrying. Remember to Spring Forward on Saturday night!! Love you.

  2. Hope my little nephew is much better soon...maybe it is teething that is causing the fever.
    I am looking forward to hearing the name of my little niece.
    Love the new homemade furniture site! Thanks for sharing.


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