17 Weeks - Pregnancy #3 (and a little something extra)

Each Sunday, I'd like to do a highlights post, including a picture, summarizing the differences in my pregnancy from week to week.  I totally "grabbed" this idea from Kelly.  I did this with my two previous pregnancies, as well, and I still think it is a great way to jot down the things that I don't want to forget later on.  

Pregnancy Highlights:

How far along:  17 weeks 

Size of baby:  Sweet Baby is 5 inches long and the size of a turnip.

Total weight gain/loss:  Since finding out I was pregnant, I've gained 5.5 pounds.

Maternity clothes:  Pajamas, pajamas, pajamas, long skirts, loose or fitted tops, and a few maternity tops.  I can't find the maternity jeans The Bestie loaned me.  They must be hanging in my closet at the condo.  Bummer.

Gender:  We know the gender!  We've only been to the doctor once this pregnancy, but they had to do the ultrasound to determine how far along I am.  Because I'm still nursing Jack, my cycles were way off, so basing it on that wouldn't work.  I'm glad!  The ultrasound technician was able to determine the gender with no problems, and we were thrilled to know.

Movement:  I've felt some movement, but nothing crazy.  I can't wait to feel those big movements and let The Husband enjoy them, too :)

Sleep:  There have only been a few nights that I actually slept through the night.  Most nights, I'm up once or twice making trips to the bathroom.  I also find that I toss and turn a lot more now.  I may have to invest in one of those awesome body pillows that my friend Amy loaned me when I was pregnant with Hadley.  It was incredible.

What I miss:  Sleeping on my back and sleeping.

Cravings:  Food.  All day.

Symptoms:   The nausea seems to have let up.  I had it for about 10 weeks or so.

Exercise:  Hmm.  Does taking care of an 8 month old count?  I occasionally do pilates, but it's rare these days.  I should try harder to work it into the day when Jack's napping.

Belly Button in or out: In still! Yay!

Wedding ring on or off: On :)

Happy or moody most of the time: Oh that's a tough one.  I'd have to say moody.  It's harder this time around.  I'm tired and little things bug me or anger me or make me cry.  I hope it gets better, and I'm trying hard to stay positive, but there are days when everything gets to me.

Looking forward to: Seeing the baby when we have the growth scan in the the coming weeks.  

Best moment this week:  Telling people we were expecting and sharing the gender with our families ;)

17 Weeks
(I look sooooo tired.  And white.  I'm very white.  I should get out in the sun more.) 

Now, if you've made it this far, I think you deserve a prize. 

Look what we got as a sweet present from The Bestie!!! :)

If you guessed "girl," congratulations on your superior (or lucky!) guessing skills!

We're all very excited for this new chapter in the lives of our little family!


  1. Hooray! I was thinking it would be a girl! Congrats again!

  2. We are so, so, so excited about this little girl!!! Lots of sweet headbands and pink frilly outfits in the future!!! And, yes, I guessed correctly! :) Love you.

  3. I guessed correctly, too! :)

    Congratulations, little family!



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