Two Things Tuesday (2/11) - 8 Months Old!

1.  Jack's 8 months old! 
I DO NOT know where the time has gone!
He is sweet and squishy and lovely and giggly and determined and inquisitive and vocal and we love him to bits. More so every day.

2. And, here he is :)


  1. Dear Jack,
    You are adorable! Caitlyn and I think you wear that yuppie diaper well. You have beautiful eyes, too. Sounds like you are having lots of fun with your sweet mom and dad. Keep up the squealing and babbling, and soon you'll be talking. :)

    1. Hi Cathleen and Caitlyn!
      Haha, we LOVE our cloth diapers around here; although I will admit to using disposables occasionally :) Miss you both!

  2. We love him, too!!!!! He is more precious every day. Love you.


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