New Things

I'm posting because I just don't want to forget these moments.

1.  Two days ago, Jack started getting in at least one tooth. I can feel (and see now) two very sharp points on his bottom gums. So, very soon, our beautifully-toothless, adorably-gummy boy will be showing off his pearly whites!

2.  Sometime during his last nap today, he rolled to his side and finished out his nap like that. He's always slept on his back, never showing any interest in sleeping on his side or his tummy, so this was pretty exciting to see when I went in to get him up. I wish I could have taken a picture. So precious. 

3. The Husband worked tirelessly on putting together our brand new baby bed (Thank you soooo much, Nana and Grampa!) this afternoon, and Jack is sleeping in his big boy crib (that will one day be a toddler bed and then all-too-soon will be a regular size bed) tonight for the first time. I'm about to go take a peek :)


  1. So many new and exciting changes!!! You are very welcome - he needed a big boy crib! Spencer did a great job putting it together yesterday. Love you.


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