Five Facts Friday (2/28) and a Poll

1.  So we made the big announcement yesterday!  
If you missed it, you might want to head on over here before reading any further.

2.  Yesterday's appointment was a strange one for us.  
I'm nearly 17 weeks, and that was the first time (due to insane and completely frustrating insurance issues that I've been dealing with since right after we first found out a week before Christmas) that I've gone to the doctor this time around. Seeing the ultrasound was even more bizarre because we're used to seeing an itty-bitty little one at the beginning. To see a baby with little, but distinct features and moving those arms and legs and fingers and to see the space being taken up by that almost 5-inch torso was crazy.  I'll go back in two weeks to meet with the midwife and/or doctor. Then, sometime in the next three weeks, I'll have my 18-20 week growth scan (more in depth ultrasound) to make sure all looks well. Please pray for me regarding that and pray for Baby #3. I'd love to hear them say all looks great, that the amniotic sac has fused to the uterine lining, and that we have a healthy baby who is growing well!

3.  I.  Can't. Stop. Laughing. 
At this...

And this...

4.  Fun, slightly embarrassing story from last night. 
I got Jack in bed, ate my dinner, watched an episode or two of The Little Couple on Netflix, and then I hopped in the shower. I took a 20-minute shower, enjoying the hot water and the quiet. It wasn't until I was already dried off and in my pajamas that it suddenly dawned on me that I had neither shaved nor bathed. Awesome. No, I did not get back in. I trust that the hot water did at least some good. Ugh. :/ Y'all, I have NO clue how that happened. 
I will bathe tonight. 

5.  It's very difficult keeping the gender a secret. 
I have only told one person (completely out of frustration). 
The Husband, on the other hand, told the people in his class. His class of like 20 people. 
Way to keep it a secret, Babe! 
Haha, anyway, we'll be telling our immediate families soon, and then we'll share with everyone. So, if you're in my husband's class, and you know the gender, please keep it to yourself and don't post it on Facebook or tell your neighbor or share it with the lady at the checkout counter. Thanks :)

So, here it is! What you've all been waiting for :) 
The Annual Gender Poll.  
Annual.  Seriously.  I've been pregnant every year since we got married :). 
That's a lot of hormones. And, that's a lot of moody me to deal with. 
If you've had the good pleasure of dealing with me lately, you deserve an award. A trophy. A medal. A day away from me. 
Take a guess!  You can vote once a day if you're super enthusiastic regarding your guess. ;)
And, then tell me in the comments your choice!
We'll make the official announcement sometime next week.

What do you think?  Is Jack going to have a little sister or a little brother? free polls 


  1. Well, we are very excited!! And, I voted!! Whatever this wee little one is, we know she/he will be surrounded with lots and lots of love!!! Love you.


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