Five Facts Friday (2/21)--updated with video

1.  Jack is doing really well in his new bed. He goes down for naps without a hitch, and he's doing really great at night. The only thing I've noticed is that with all that free bed space he has now, he moves A LOT.  Every time I go in to get him after he's woken from a nap or to get him in the morning after a full night's sleep, I find him turned from where he had been when I laid him down. In the mornings, he's usually turned a full 180 degrees and on his side. He's a mess. A very cute mess. 

2. The Husband completed the next part of the application/interview process for the job he's hoping to get soon. He has an interview with them next week.  Please keep him in your prayers. His schooling is still going well; although, I think they've reached a slightly boring part. I know he'll be happy when they move onto a new topic in another week or so. 

3. I'm contemplating reading a book called The Fault in Our Stars. Have any of you read it?  A gal we used to go to church with has been pinning lots of quotes from it on Pinterest, and they are all so beautiful/thought-provoking! Is it a must-read?

4. Bath time with Jack has been so fun lately. He's really gotten into the splashing thing :). Here's part of our bath time experience from tonight. The toys he's "playing" with belonged to my grandparents, and whenever I stayed with them, I got to play with those "three men in the tub" while my Grammy recited the poem.  I'm sure several of my cousins might remember them, too! 

5. How have I not heard this song until today???!  It's gorgeous, and it's been running through my head all afternoon. This was the only version of it that I could find where it allowed me to embed it.  (This video here is beautiful, and it's the full song if you enjoyed the snippet below.)


  1. Such a cute video with "Ruibby, dub, dub, three men in a tub!" So glad Jack C. is enjoying a toy that has been passed down a long time. The music video is beautiful! Love you.

  2. The fault in our stars is a great book! I just read it. Highly recommended!

    1. Hey Lena, I'm not sure if you'll see this, but did you like it enough to purchase it? I don't know whether to bite the bullet and get it for my kindle or just wait to check it out from the library! :)

  3. This is one of the songs on my Pandora station and I love it! Glad you found it and enjoy it too!

    Love the updates on my precious nephew...keep them coming.

    1. Beth, I think you tried sending it to me once, but for some reason I can't play the songs you send.
      Stop by next weekend and see your nephew :)


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