Five Facts Friday (2/14)

1.  Sunday is my birthday.
My parents are getting me an ice cream cake. 
I'm excited!
About the cake; not about the birthday. 

2.  Jack is in constant motion. When he's sitting on the blanket, he's rocking and leaning and falling and chewing on anything he can get his hands on and his mouth around. When he's in his jumper/activity thing, he's spinning and grabbing and bouncing. When he's sitting in my lap, and we're trying to take a picture, he's all over the place. 
I love him. 

3.  I put actual clothes on instead of staying in pajamas most of the day. So there's that. Jack also wore actual clothes today :).  He looks less like a baby in actual clothes though, and I'm not ready for that quite yet, so I think we'll stick with cute, cuddly onesie/footed pajamas for his daily wear :)

4.  It's was a gorgeous day. So, I fixed tons of baby food. I don't know what it is about cloudy, cold weather. It makes me want to do nothing. But give me a sunshiny day? I'm happy to be in the kitchen. I've got a batch of peaches to steam and purée after the pot comes clean (I had a mishap while steaming the carrots...apparently I didn't put enough water in the pot below, and the juices that seeped down candied and made a terrible, stinky, smoky mess), and then, I think we should be good for a while.  

5.  I still have a ton of baby clothes to fold and cloth diapers to stuff with inserts, but instead, I'm going to sit here and eat my ice cream while my baby naps and enjoy the semi-silence. 


  1. You were definitely a very busy momma today! I think Jack C. looks like a very handsome little man in his big boy clothes!! Love you. Happy Valentine's Day!!!


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