Two Things Tuesday (1/21)

1. These are the foods Jack has tried so far with stars to denote how much he likes each one.

*** Loves
** Likes
* Tolerates
^Does not like

~Oatmeal (from the canister, fixed on the stove) and cinnamon with mashed up chunks of apple * or pear ** or blueberries ** cooked with it

~Puréed pumpkin (from the can) warm ** or cold *

~Steamed carrots and apples mushed up with a fork *
He liked this a lot for 3 or 4 days, but then he had a gagging incident, and I think it turned him off. He'll eat some, but it's not his favorite now.

~Brown rice with a little bit of apple and cinnamon ^
He was a good sport and tried it, but he could not handle the sticky texture and gagged and vomited twice.  It was sad to watch. We'll wait on the rice a little longer and try again in a few weeks maybe.

~Steamed and blended peaches and cloves either warm or straight out of the fridge ***

~Steamed and blended carrots and blueberries--I just fixed a batch of this about an hour ago, so he hasn't tried it yet. I'm hoping he'll like it! 

I wish we could try banana or avocado because I just know he'd love them, but The Husband is allergic to both. I'm afraid Jack would have an allergic reaction, and I wouldn't know it since it doesn't seem to be a visual reaction like a rash or itching. The Husband's tongue and throat tingle and itch and feel funny after eating them. I guess Jack might exhibit some other symptoms I could watch for. Any ideas?  

2. He nurses 4 or 5 times a day.  Four if it's a good wake-time/nap-time day.  Five if it's wonky. 
It's been a bit wonky the last week or so. 
A typical schedule for us lately looks a little like this; though times can vary 15-30 minutes either way. 
I was really hoping to move him to a four-hour eat, play, sleep schedule soon, but he's still not able to stay awake happy for longer than an hour and a half most times, so until he can do that, we'll have to stick with the three- to three-and-a-half hour schedule for now.

7:30ish -wake
7:45 - nurse and solids offered (usually pumpkin or carrots/apples--something hardy). 
8:45ish - nap
10:45ish - wake
11:00ish - nurse and solids (today I'll offer the carrots/blueberries I fixed and then peaches if he's still hungry)
Independent playtime happens in this block of awake time (15-25 minutes in his playpen without me there to entertain him)
12:00ish - nap (this one has been off lately...sometimes he'll only sleep for an hour, which throws off the afternoon schedule a bit)
2:00ish - wake 
2:15ish - nurse and solids (more pumpkin and possibly carrots/blueberries)
Independent playtime (15-25 minutes)
3:30ish - nap
4:30 to 5:00ish - wake 
5:00ish - nurse, play, bath
7:15ish - nurse and solids (oatmeal with blueberries-as much as he'll willingly eat--and then peaches)
7:30 to 7:45 - bed


  1. I think little Jack C. is doing great with your introducing so many different foods. When he finally gets some teeth, he'll be ready for table food!!! :) Love you.


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