Thankful Thursday (1/30)

Today, I'm thankful for good nap days. 

For the better part of a week, Jack's been waking in the middle of the night. A few of those nights were awful because he spent the time he was awake screaming. Last night wasn't quite as bad (no screaming was involved), but he still woke up, which means I was awake for as long as he was and then a bit longer as I tried to go back to sleep. 

Anywho, because of his night issues, we've had some nap troubles, too. 

But today, knock-on-wood, I think I figured out the timing. He long ago dropped his nap cues (yawning, rubbing eyes/face, red eyes), and so if I'm not watching the clock to monitor how long he's been awake, we can very quickly go from wide awake to overtired. Once he's overtired, naps are crummy. It's a relentless cycle we've found ourselves in as of late. 

So, this morning, I glanced through past schedules, looked at wake-time lengths, and analyzed the data. I followed what I believed to be accurate, and we have had three very successful naps today! 

We'll aim for the same lengths of wake-time tomorrow and see what happens. I'm definitely hoping this nap-awesomeness transfers into night-awesomeness tonight because this is one tired momma. 

So grateful for sleep :)


  1. Here's hoping tonight is an awesome sleep night for both of you! Love you.


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