Thankful Thursday (1/23)

Thankful Thursday. It's something I started a few months back, and then, when things got rough, I think I lost sight of the importance of being grateful and of how finding something to be thankful for each day can truly impact a person's outlook. 

So, I'm starting it up again. I might not get around to it every Thursday, but I'll do my best.

I'm incredibly thankful that four years ago today, The Husband held me tight and asked me to be his.  To be his girlfriend.  To make "us" official. Of course, it wasn't truly real until we changed our status on Facebook ;)

Up until that point, we had just been friends.  Friends who sat on the quiet hill in the back of the park and listened to music, who watched movies together, who chatted online or on the phone until all hours of the morning. We hung out like that for about a month; though we had known each other in the context of Bible study for a while longer. 

But that night, four years ago, he started us on a journey that, God willing, will continue on until we are old and grey and loving on our grandchildren and maybe even great-grandchildren. 

A little over six months after that night, we were engaged. 

A year and a half to the day we started dating, we were married. 

Ours was a quick courtship, but I wouldn't change anything about it.

The years seem to fly by. We've loved and lost and grown and fought. We've prayed and worshiped.  We have both changed so much. I am proud of and thankful for the man he is today. He works and goes to school (Quick brag-- he's taken four tests so far and has done really well!) and still finds moments to be with us. Most mornings, even though he's exhausted and just wants to fall into bed, he wakes Jack up for me and gets him ready for the day.  He spends time with him as often as he can when they're both awake. I see them together, loving on each other, laughing, and I fall more in love with both of them. I'm already imagining the fun adventures they're going to have. In my mind's eye, I can see The Husband teaching Jack how to work on cars, how to responsibly handle a gun and how to shoot it safely (maybe I'll get in some practice, too, haha), how to build new creations and fix the things that have broken.  How to fish and hunt and camp and sail.  How to be a great husband and father.  How to love well. 

Today, I'm grateful for January 23, 2010.  It was only the beginning. 

Happy anniversary, Babe!  Thanks for making me yours. 


  1. Such a beautiful post! We are thankful for Spencer, too!! He is a loving husband and father - couldn't ask for anything more for you! Love you. Happy anniversary of being "official." :)


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