Five Facts Friday (1/17)

1.  I've been absent from the blogging world for a while, only posting an occasional photo here and there. Lots of things have been going on, and honestly, I've had no desire to write.

2.  The Husband has now finished week 2 of the sheriff's academy. The grueling hours of school and work, the daily physical training, the continual lack of sleep, and sometimes only seeing Jack for a few minutes each day (yesterday, he didn't see him at all) are wearing on him, and he's exhausted. The weekend is a much-needed respite, and I'm glad he'll get to rest as much as he needs.  He's applied for a different job, one that hopefully will be more flexible (hours-wise) and more in line with his career goals. If you feel inclined to pray that he gets called in for an interview, we'd appreciate it.

3.  As I mentioned in #1, lots of things have been going on. I'll be completely up front and tell you that my faith has been wavering. Floundering. Failing. I've been angry with God and have struggled with believing Him, and my faith journey took a nose-dive into depression.  I do believe IN Him, but believing Him has been difficult.  Then, a few weeks ago, Beth Moore's publishing company offered over ten of her books for free for the kindle app on amazon. I downloaded 12 of them because I'm not one to turn down free books, and she's an incredible writer, speaker, and teacher.  Last week, I finished reading a work of fiction (Mistress and Maid...really good and free!), and I decided to start on one of hers. I chose Believing God.  It's amazing to me how God knew I'd read that book first. Here are a few tidbits I've found interesting as I've read. 

I've committed to read at least a chapter a day, and I've committed to believing Him even when it feels like all is lost. 

4.  Jack is the neatest little boy. 
He has been trying new foods left and right (oatmeal and cinnamon with either apples or pears, pumpkin purée, steamed and mushed up apples and carrots) and enjoying those things after nursing. 
Within the last week, he's been reaching for me (on the floor, in other people's arms, in the high chair), and it melts my heart!
He started really doing independent playtime in his room (in the playpen) for 15-20 minutes yesterday. He did great! We'll work our way up to 25-30 minutes twice a day. He's fine as long as he can't see me, haha, so his room (where I can watch from the hall) is a much better alternative to the floor in the living room. 
He doesn't cry at nap time anymore. If he wakes early, he talks to himself, and I allow him to stay in there while he's content. Even if he's not sleeping, he's at least resting in a non-stimulating environment.  
He makes us smile and laugh constantly. He's very sweet and loving and very vocal when he's not getting attention :)

5.  I had the yummiest salad for dinner last night. Not news-worthy by a long shot, but it was so tasty!  Mixed greens, pear chunks, craisins, sunflower seeds, and lots of feta cheese with a light raspberry vinaigrette dressing. Yum! I think I'll have another for lunch :)


  1. So glad you have been reading "Believing God." I can definitely see that your mood is lighter and you are more content. Keep reading, sweet daughter. We love you and are always here for you.

  2. I know it's hard. My husband is busy and gone all of the time and I feel like I'm left doing all of the work. When he's here, all he wants to do is play video games, and all of my requests for help go ignored until they are forgotten. Feeling forgotten is awful. I would just like a little help, and for my requests to be acknowledged and fulfilled, to feel validated. Someone recently gifted me with a copy of "Jesus Calling" by Sarah Young. Another instructor is also using it in class as her daily devotional/word. It's really good. I started following "Jesus Calling" on Facebook, too. The message is often from one of her other books, rather than the title volume, but the message is still good and having it there in your news feed is handy. Try to find something good in every day, no matter how small it may be. When you go to bed at night, ask yourself "did anything good happen today?" and claim that for yourself.

    We miss you guys, and we love you! You are blessed beyond measure, more than you know! and you are still being prayed over! Just keep trying to take things one day at a time- sometimes it's more like one minute or one step at a time... one breath at a time...


  3. Hey Jennifer,
    Thank you for your encouragement. I actually own several copies of Jesus Calling, but I haven't read them in quite a while. I'm so sorry about things at home. I can imagine how tough it is to feel like that on a regular basis. We miss you guys so much, and we're praying for you, too. I try to do some Pilates every day (or every other day haha), but it's not the same as your wonderful Wednesday and Thursday morning classes.
    I will search for that Facebook page! It sounds like a great one to see every day! Thank you!
    Blessings to you, sweet friend.


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