Two Things Tuesday (12/3)

1.  We are in the process of weaning Jack from the dreamfeed (the 10:30ish feed that I wake him for). 
He doesn't (and hasn't in months) wake on his own, so I think he's ready.  Last night, I bumped it back and nursed him at 9:15, and I think I'll do that same time a few more nights before dropping it altogether.  So, he sleeps from 7:30ish until the dreamfeed and back down until 7:30ish in the morning. I normally have to wake him in the morning. 

2.  Because I'm dropping the dreamfeed, and he'll essentially be getting more continuous sleep at night, we're dropping the 4th nap of the day. 
The only days he needs the 4th nap now are the days his other naps weren't full (at least 2 hours).  He's doing an excellent job with naps, and he only cries when something wakes him early and he's unable to go back to sleep on his own.  I generally am alerted he's awake by sweet sounds now. This morning I woke him from his first nap, and before I did, I caught a picture of what he normally looks like when I get him up.

And, then I caught one of him afterward ;)


  1. Such a little sweetheart. He loves sleeping as much as his mommy!!! :) Love you.


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