Thankful Thursday (12/5)

Today, I'm thankful for the option to change my mind.

I do it a lot. The Husband can verify this. 

I want one thing, and then when that doesn't work out, I decide on something else. 

Or, I make a decision and someone convinces me to go the opposite direction. 

Over a year and a half ago, I decided I'd delete my Facebook account. I had lost Hadley, lots of people were pregnant or bringing home babies, and I just couldn't take reading their good (and very happy) news on a daily basis.  I needed a big 'ol break.  So, I got rid of it. I stopped reading about other people's lives and lived my own one day at a time. 

In the meantime. I had Jack-Jack, our small family moved in with my parents, and life has taken another road than I had planned. 

I often think of and miss our friends and family where we used to live.  I try to stay in touch via texts, emails, and phone calls, but they're still so very far away. 

My mother-in-law suggested that I consider jumping on the Facebook bandwagon again.  She knows that I miss everyone, and she said that people would like to see how we're doing and catch up.  My main concern in doing that was that I really just wanted it to be about giving a bit of insight into our lives now and see what's up with my friends and family. 
I'm just not really interested in much else.  

I also needed to set boundaries for myself. I purposed (fully acknowledging that I will mess up or "forget") to not be on it when I'm with Jack. I want to be really with him when I'm with him, ya know?

So, I set up a Facebook account yesterday, and already I've caught up with a few dear friends and loved ones. Yay!  
And, already I've messed up and gotten on when I was playing with my boy. In my defense (ohhhh justifications are fun, right?), he was completely adorable, and I wanted to capture his cuteness and post it for all to see. Sigh. 

Here's one of the things I posted. So sweet. 

Anyway, today, I'm thankful that I changed my mind and gave Facebook another chance. It's not completely time-wasting-consuming and voyeuristic. 

Not completely. :)


  1. I know so many people will be pleased to stay in touch with you on FB and to see all those sweet pics of little Jack Campbell. Just looking at that cute face is bound to bring a smile to many people's faces!! Welcome back to social networking. Love you.


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