Five Facts Friday (12/13)

1. My Thankful Thursday post never got written yesterday.  A little bit of laziness mixed with a lot of time with my boy meant no extra time to write.  So, I'll post it here. Today, I'm thankful that The Husband has been accepted into the sheriff's academy and will start classes in January.

2.  Jack has been a bit fussy lately. Teething? Possibly. He's been shoving everything into his mouth he can get his hands on, and he's been pretty clingy. 

3.  Two orange cats (momma cat and her kitten) have taken up residence in my parents' backyard.  If you or someone you know would like a couple of adorable orange kitties, please let me know.  They're so playful, and it's fun to watch the momma cat teach her kitten things like pouncing, hiding, climbing, etc.

4.  My in-laws are coming for a visit this weekend!  I know it's more about seeing Jack and less about seeing us ;), but we'll take it haha!

5.  Five, five, five. Hmm. Um, I found some fun activities on Pinterest that I can't wait to try out with Jack! Check 'em out if you have a 6 month or older little one at home!


  1. Sure hope Jack C. can get some of those teeth through soon! Mouth pain is NO fun. We are very proud of Spencer being accepted into the Sheriff's Academy. He will make a fine sheriff's deputy/police officer. Love you.


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