Two Things Tuesday (10/8)

1.  The Husband (even though he's working nights and is having to sleep during the day) surprised me with a trip back home to see family and be with our Bible study/small group friends yesterday afternoon and evening. So, instead of sleeping during the day, we drove long hours and hung out with family and friends and ate good food and played with the baby and had Bible study. He then turned right around and went to work last night. Bless that man! He's a good man, and I forget that far more often than I should. I'm so glad to be reminded of that fact.

2.  Jack is a stinker. A cute stinker, but a stinker nonetheless. :)
After four or five wonderful nights of him sleeping straight through the night, he's now back to waking anywhere from 4am to 5am.  Crossing fingers and toes this is a short-lived thing; though I've heard countless tales of "4-month curse" haha. Shortened naps and night time wakings and more fussiness attributed to anything from teething to growth spurts to "wonder weeks" (where they're learning lots of new skills).  Whatever is causing it, I hope it stops soon, haha. My insomnia has kicked back in, so combined with early morning feedings, this is one tired momma. 


  1. Yes, Spencer is a very good man, a loving husband and a good father. How wonderful he came into your life. Love you.


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