Two Things Tuesday (10/29)

1. Jack is my first.
Not in the sense that I'm a mom now because he's my first baby. Hadley was my first. 
No, Jack is my first in a different way.  I am learning with him. I am trying new and exciting things. I'm figuring out what works well for him. 
And, I'll let you in on a little secret. 
I don't do everything right the first time. Or the sixth time. No, I'm definitely a work-in-progress.  
Which, much to the chagrin of The Husband, my parents, and my in-laws, tends to make me a little anal particular about things.  

One item that has me on my toes lately is television or computer screen viewing around Jack. 

Yes. I know. I can hear the questions and comments now...because I've actually heard quite a few of them already. 
What difference does it make? He's only 4 1/2 months old. What on earth could be the problem with him watching TV? Why does it matter if he stares at the bright and shiny phone or computer screen? 

Well, I'll tell you.

It all started a few Sundays ago when my dad and The Husband were watching some football games on the TV in the living room. Not a big deal. Jack had just finished nursing, and he and I were happily playing on the floor with his toys. I then began to notice a few things. Jack continually tried to see the screen. No matter where I put him on the blanket. When he'd catch a glimpse of it, I saw that I lost his attention. He no longer wanted to bat at his toys or interact with me.  My mommy-senses began tingling when I saw how Jack stared at the bright colors and lost all interest in anything else happening. 

So, I did a little research. I found article after well-written article on the subject of infants and television viewing. I had heard all about the wonders of Baby Einstein and Sesame Street for toddlers, but I wanted to know what the research had to say regarding babies. 

This article answered my questions.  It's from the American Academy of Pediatrics, so I know it's not one of those "personal opinion" articles one finds in abundance on the interweb these days.  This is another article (it was actually the first one that I read on the subject) that gives research with lots of facts and data.  Astounding.  And frightening.  It made me wish I had known this years and years ago when I was babysitting.  I would not have allowed those babies to watch TV with me.  I regret it, and I'm sorry.

Seriously.  I've taught wayyyy too many kiddos with attention deficits over the last eight years to wish that on my own children.   I've seen them struggle to stay focused on simple tasks, and I know the frustration they feel is very real.  I know many adults who struggle with it, too, and I can see the anxiety it causes in their lives.  I'm absolutely not saying that TV is what causes ADD/ADHD.  What I am saying is that if there's something I can do as a parent to help my child succeed, then I'm going to do it.  No matter if I'm made fun of for it or not.  And for me, that means giving Jack the best start possible. He still may end up having some attention problems, but I'll know I did what I could to prevent it. That I looked at the research and made the best decision I could with the knowledge I had before me.  Isn't that what we parents do when it comes to our kids?

2.  The Husband and I have a VERY happy boy full of squeals and coos and yumminess.  He brightens our days more than we ever thought possible.  I say it often, but he is truly a delight.  I could just eat him up, he's so ridiculously sweet.
We are blessed beyond measure, and I feel it even more so after reading stories like this one.  My heart dropped.
Here's just a taste of the little man we get to be with every day.  A delight and blessing, I tell you!


  1. On the contrary, we think you are a very wise, smart and thoughtful mother. Just keep on doing what you feel is best for little Jack C. - mother's instincts are usually the best! He is precious beyond words and is a reflection of all the love you and Spencer are bestowing on him. Love you bunches!!!


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