Two Things Tuesday (10/22)

1. Jack almost rolled over yesterday from his belly to his back! He'd get oh-so-far with that leg hitched up in the air and that shoulder leaned into the floor! But, then he'd get a little frustrated, so I'd help him along. The rest of the day, whenever he had tummy time, we'd practice! It could happen any day now!

2. I am sooooooo loving the fact that 19 Kids and Counting is on Netflix! They are too precious for words, and they inspire me in many ways. I want to be like Michelle. Kind-spirited, well-spoken, gentle, compassionate, patient, wise with counsel and money.  


  1. We are all excited about Jack C.'s next milestone. Can't wait!!!!! And, I am enjoying watching some of the "19 Kids and Counting" episodes with you. Love you.


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