Thankful Thursday (10/17)

Today, I'm thankful my "cat issues" have finally been resolved! 

My in-laws graciously offered to take in our male Siamese.  He seems to be adjusting well, and he and their dog are ignoring each other quite nicely! He's even taken over ownership of towels, shoes, and couches just like he did with us :) 

My parents allowed us to bring our female tabby here, and she resides in the screen room. 
She seems to enjoy it out there, and it's even forced her to be less skittish and more tolerant of strange noises and situations. She's so happy when we are out there visiting with her. 

I'm incredibly grateful that my cats are being well taken care of!


  1. We're very happy they have both settled into their new surroundings. Chloe is definitely enjoying the chaise lounge!!! Love you.

  2. Whew! What a relief! A big THANK YOU!!!!! to your parents and your in-laws! I know it's tough, but you all are SO BLESSED!



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