Thankful Thursday (9/12)

Today, I'm thankful for living in a place that offers not only a room for The Husband and me but also one for Jack-Jack to move into. 

Since The Husband started his new job, he's been working 12-hour night shifts, which means he has to sleep during the day. This wouldn't necessarily be a problem--he can sleep anywhere at any time--except for the fact that Jack has to sleep during the day, too. In the same room. Every time Jack cried halfway through a nap or to let us know he'd finished with one, I had to run in there, so The Husband wouldn't get his sleep disturbed. Well, that was awful. I don't know that he actually got any sleep with all the fussing going on in that playpen this morning. So, I decided the move had to be made. 


My dad and I got things shifted around in the other room, I silently (yeah, right. I managed to make more noise than Jack) got Jack's bed taken apart and moved out of our room, and all went well with his other naps. 



We've now begun sleep-training all over again. Bless his little heart.

A new room, with new smells, too much light, and lots of VERY exciting things to look at made for extremely short naps that came to abrupt ends with the loud and persistent cries of a slightly curious, very ticked off baby.

So while I'm very grateful we have the option to move him into his own room, I'll be even more thankful when he adjusts. 

Here's to a hopefully better night of sleep than the sleepless naps we had today!


  1. We're glad we had the additional room for little Jack C. to move into. We're going to eventually get all the changes made, so everyone can be comfortable. Love you.


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