Why, Yes.

Why, yes. I am three weeks old today. 

Why, yes, I do look adorable in this Under Armour onesie my Aunt Sam gave me.

Why, yes, I am wearing a completely different Under Armour onesie and diaper cover in the next picture.  

Is it because I peed EVERYWHERE while getting a diaper change?  The wall? The table?  Two clean outfits? Even on my face?  Twice? All by 10:00am?

Why, yes!


  1. Gonna have to get little Jack Campbell a "pee pee tent!!!!" :) He just wanted a change of clothes, so you could take more adorable pictures of him!! Love you.

  2. That's another use for those baby wash cloths...to cover him up between diapers, not to mention saving you from cleaning up. :-D

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I totally took your advice, Linda! The wash cloth idea has saved the day!


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