Two Things Tuesday

Two Things

1.  Yesterday, we tried out the wrap successfully for the second time. I had tried him in it several times since the weekend at my parents', but each time he just cried and cried. Not a happy camper. 
But yesterday, I wanted to clean up the kitchen, but he didn't want to be put down. So, I crossed my fingers, held my breath, and put him in. After 10 minutes of resting comfortably against me, he fell asleep and stayed asleep for about 45 minutes. It was really sweet being able to hold him close like that.

2.  Yesterday, after a good night of sleep the night before (thanks to swaddling him), I decided that swaddling is a must. But, the swaddles and blankets we have keep him too warm or are way too small.  So, I bought some muslin swaddling blankets.  I chose these because they're lightweight, breathe better, and are HUGE.  I swaddled him last night, and although he didn't sleep quite as well as the night before (he managed to do a Houdini and free his arms a few times), he did sleep better than he has been. Yay! I also was able to put him in his bed to nap this afternoon, which was a first. Normally, he has only been able to nap in his swing or the Rock 'n Play. Or on me. I count that a success!  Unfortunately, I didn't wrap his arms tight enough, and he, once again in Houdini-like fashion, freed them. Which woke him up.  He was pretty irritated that he didn't get his nap out.  He's in the swing now :). I'm hoping to grab a quick nap, too!


  1. He's just so adorable. I'm becoming Momma - I want to nibble on his cheeks!!!! :) So glad the muslin wraps are working. I know he is cooler. I also see the knit sheets I gave you fit the co-sleeper mattress - YAY!!!!! Love you.

    1. Well you know how that night ended up :(. But, last night was better. I'm getting better at restricting his arms. Although, he still managed to get them out the last time haha. He did take all but one nap in his bed yesterday, so swaddling is really good when I get it right :).
      The fitted sheet doesn't fit on the sides, but it does at the top and bottom, so I'll use them!

  2. I always envied those who were able to carry their kids in the wraps or Bjorn-style carriers. Neither of my kids would do them. They'd scream like I was skinning them and at the top of their lungs, relentlessly!! We always swore by the swaddling, too, and that really worked. Matt could get that blanket tight around the kids and they would not come undone! I would tease him that he was gluing it to them or something because my swaddling would last about 30 seconds before they found their way out of it!!

    I wanted to share a funny with you about getting them to relax and be comfortable: when Trevor was about 3 months old, he would cry EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT.FROM.6PM-10PM!! Seriously, for 4 hours, wailing. The only thing that would calm him down was my blow dryer. So, we were the only people I've ever known who had a blow dryer hanging from a nail on the wall in their baby's room!

    We'd love to come for a visit to see little Jack, and hopefully before the kids go back to school, as Megan is aching to get her hands on him!!

    Take care!
    Tina Diese

    1. Wow! We'll have to try the blow dryer! And, it must be in the genes! Spencer can swaddle him so well!
      We'd love to see y'all! I'm pretty open during the day, so just let me know when you'd like to pop by. We could even meet somewhere for lunch instead. I'm happy to do either. If you'd rather wait until a weekend, that works, too. :)

  3. You probably don't have time to read, but my mom always bought every expectant mother a copy of "The Happiest Baby on the Block"- it's all about swaddling, swinging and "shh"-ing. Basically, you're re-creating the womb-like environment for the baby by swaddling him, and swinging him back and forth while making the "shhh!" sound.


    1. I've heard of that book! I may have to check out a copy from the library. The swaddling and the white noise seem to be helping a lot. He and I also do a lot of "dancing" when he's fussy haha.


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