Thankful Thursday (7/25)

Today's "Thankful Thursday" post is a no-brainer.

Today, I'm thankful for family. 

You see, the start-up company The Husband started working for a few weeks before Jack was born has had financial trouble. Enough so that they've had to lay off all of the people who worked in the office. The Husband worked in the office. 

And, because they've been struggling to get their finances together for a while, he hasn't (along with everyone else in the company) received the last three paychecks. 

So, we've been staying/living with my parents and will probably have to continue to do so until he is able to find something that will pay our bills.  

My in-laws have graciously been taking care of our cats and making sure everything is ok at the condo, and The Husband may end up staying with them once in a while when he is networking and searching for jobs in that area. 

I can't tell you how difficult this has been. If you or your spouse has ever been without work, you know how I feel. How we feel.  It's discouraging and disheartening and disrupting.  

I don't know why God allowed this to happen. I don't know if The Husband will be able to find work in the amount of time needed to pay our mortgage and other bills. I don't know if we'll have to sell our condo in order to prevent foreclosure. I don't know if we'll have to give up our cats.  I don't know a whole lot.

I DO know that God has given us family members who have been gracious and caring through a very tough time. I DO know that if Jack ever needed us like this, we'd do our very best to help him. I DO know that God is with us and will carry us through. We might lose it all.  We might not. But, we'll still be held by the One who put the stars in the heavens. And, to me, that seems like a pretty powerful Someone to be putting my trust in.

And, I look at this little boy, and I remember God is faithful.  So very faithful.


  1. Yes, sweetheart, He is faithful and loving and caring. He will see you and your sweet family though. We are so thankful we can be here for you. We love you.


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