A Morning of Diapers and Friends

We have had a lovely day so far!

First, PRAISE GOD, the baby slept a good three to three and a half hours between each feeding last night.  It's amazing what an extra 45 minutes to an hour of sleep can do for one's outlook :)

Second, I decided that since his umbilical cord has fallen off and his circumcision has healed, we'd try out cloth diapers today.  He hasn't cried any of the times I've changed him today!  And, they look super cute on his little tushy! :)  Haha, they look sooo big on him, but he's cozy, they haven't leaked, and they're downright adorable!


We tried out a Charlie Banana diaper first...it's pretty massive, but it's an all-in-one/one-size-fits all diaper.  It's so soft, and the liner is very absorbent.  
Then, we tried out a regular unbleached cloth diaper with a Thirsties size 1 diaper cover.  Very cute!
 And, third, the two of us headed up to the school to visit with the ladies I was blessed to work with in the office.  I took the opportunity (and a willing pair of arms and a comfy shoulder to hold Jack--thank you Ann!!) to finally clean out my desk in the library.  That task normally would have taken place at the end of school, but since I was put on bed rest while school was still going on and hadn't had a chance to get up there, the right moment just hadn't presented itself.  I didn't have much to pack up--just one bag full--so I got to spend lots of time visiting with my girls.  It was lovely :)

The day's almost over!  He's resting...restlessly...and will probably want to nurse again soon.  Then, I'm hoping to rest a bit myself until The Husband gets home.

Here's hoping the rest of the week goes this great!


  1. So glad you were able to visit with the ladies. I'm sure they "oohed" and "aahed" over your precious little guy. The cloth diapering looks like it is going well, and the covers are super cute (much better than the old plastic pants I had to use which didn't always contain everything!). Hope tonight is even more restful than last night was. Love you.

    1. Thanks!
      Actually, I posted this yesterday. Last night was a "very-little-sleep" night, unfortunately. But, he's done pretty well today, so I'm hoping we have a good night tonight.
      And, yes, the covers seem to be doing a pretty good job!

  2. Oops!!! I'm still thinking today is the 1st. Well, anyway, hope tonight is much, much better. Love you.


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