Test results

The ECHO results came back good.  Praise God!

The pediatric cardiologist still is a little concerned about the irregular beats he's seeing/hearing, so he's ordered a Holter monitor for a 24-hour period (which has not begun yet).  

Jack won't be discharged until tomorrow at the earliest. I've been discharged, but I will room with him in the pediatric ward. The Husband will be able to stay with us, too, and I'm so grateful! We haven't been moved yet, but I'm hoping it will happen soon.  

Last night was a rough night (he wanted to nurse often and just be held and soothed...probably because of all of the testing and being man-handled), and I'm praying we sleep better tonight :) He seems much more content today. Geez, I love him!

Thanks again for all of your prayers!

Here's a pic just because :)


  1. This little one is so loved by so many people. We are praising God that the Echocardiogram came back good, and we know God is going to handle any little thing that may be amiss. Jack Campbell is just perfect in our eyes!! Hugs to you, Spencer and our little man. Love you.

    1. Love you, too. See you in a few days, :)

  2. He's so precious! Praying all the test show nothing serious! So glad you get to stay and room in with him!

    1. I'm thankful we were able to be with him, too. Thank you so much for praying!


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