New Night; New Look

The little one is asleep, and bit of a creative spark hit me.


This blog was definitely due a makeover.  Pronto.

I changed the background and the colors, but I really like the fonts and the general layout of things.  I may play around with those later...if I get smacked with the creative spark again.

The Husband likes it.  At least that's what he said when he handed me my cherry limeade (that I was secretly dreaming of earlier while nursing but hadn't said aloud--he totally read my mind!).

What do you think?


  1. Such a cheery background. Some of the "Blog Archive" words are a little hard to read with all the design behind them - maybe you can darken them. Love the happiness of the layout though. Love you.

    1. Ok will do! Thanks for the input!

  2. Great - much easier to read!


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