Jack's Modeling Debut

Two weeks ago, when Jack-Jack was just four days old, he had his first photo shoot.

Initially, we hadn't planned on having newborn pictures done.  The cost was prohibitive, and I knew that we'd be taking lots of pictures ourselves.  I just didn't see a huge need for it.


About six weeks before his due date, a friend from work emailed me letting me know that the gal (Jana) who voluntarily and so generously took Hadley's beautiful and priceless pictures in the hospital for us was looking for newborn models to give her the chance to practice with some new props.

I emailed her that day and volunteered our boy.  She accepted (awesome!) and told me the terms: Jack would give her the practice she wanted, and we, in turn, would receive a free session and ten photos of our choosing.  

Well, as you know, our boy decided to make his appearance earlier than expected, so I didn't know if the photo session would work out.

But, it did!  She even invited us to come on a Saturday (not the normal protocol).

So, the day after we got home from the hospital, we woke up early to head to her place.

I had to nurse him three separate times (each time to get him nice and happy and sleepy), but Y'all, she was sooo great and patient with him.

He peed on her twice.

He peed (and pooped once! Yikes!) on her props.

No sweat!

We were there for about three hours and left with the promise that they'd send us a link with the proofs soon.

Earlier this week, we received an email from Eric (Jana's husband).  I clicked on the link, and there were nearly 60 absolutely adorable shots of our guy.  How to choose just 10?!

Well, I did what any normal person would do.  I enlisted the help of The Bestie, my mom, and my sister.  They each sent me their ten choices.  I made choices of my own.  Then I made a list and compared.  I finalized my list and sent it to Eric and Jana.

And voila!  Here are the ten completely kissable shots we received.

Enjoy the kissableness!

P.S.  If you are in need of any kind of professional photography, please keep Jana and Eric in mind.  They are kind, professional, and incredibly talented!

**All photos copyrighted to Joy Rawlins via Eric and Jana Photography.  You must ask and receive permission to use any of the above photos for personal or professional use.**


  1. OMG - well, now how do I choose???? They are all priceless. Gonna be a hard decision. :)

  2. WOW!!!!! Those are awesome!

  3. So sweet! Jack looks like his daddy in the first picture!


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