Hair, Nails, and a Hometown Shower

Last weekend was a busy one.  My parents brought me home with them on Friday since The Husband had to work.  I got a haircut after waiting six long months!  I was so nervous, but I knew I wanted to go shorter.  I was tired of dealing with the heat and only being able to put it up in a ponytail to get any kind of relief.  So, although I was determined to get it cut shorter, I wasn't prepared for how much shorter my gal Angie decided to go with it, haha!  She kept reassuring me, and once I got home and straightened it, I LOVED it!  The Husband loves it, too.  I even wore it curly yesterday to see how it would look because I know that once I have a newborn to take care of, I'm not necessarily going to have spare moments to straighten it each day.  So, anyway, here's the new look! 
And, Angie?!  I can still put it in a low ponytail if I incorporate a headband, too :)  Thank you!!

After I got my hair cut, I went to get a pedicure (something I haven't had done since much earlier in the year.  Maybe my birthday (in February)?  The gal (my parents' associate minister's daughter) was awesome!  The next time I'm in town, I'm definitely going to make an appointment with her.  I love the color, too!  It's just the right shade of pink :)
Ohhh, I got a new pair of shoes, too, so I'd have something low and comfortable to wear to my shower the next day :)  Aren't they cute?!!

The next day I had my hometown shower at my parents' church.  I got to see family, friends, and church ladies I grew up with--it was really lovely :)  We got lots of nice things for the baby, and I'm happy to say that the only big thing we need now is the stroller.  I'll probably get a few more cloth diapers, too, but I think we're pretty set!  Here are a few pictures from the shower.

Me with my mom and my aunt
The hostesses with the mostest :)
From left to right:  my sister, my girl Ang, my aunt, and The Bestie (Kelli)
My mom was the one who planned it all out!  Thank you, Momma--it was lovely! (And, thank you for fanning me the whole time!)
Too-cute cookies
The picture frame my mom fixed up (my sister did the verse around his face and the scroll work) so that everyone could sign it.
Three of us with short hair and The Bestie--I told her it was just a matter of time before she cut hers short, too :)


  1. It was a fun shower, and I so enjoyed planning it for you. So glad you had a wonderful time. And, yes, you received so many nice things for Baby Boy. You'll enjoy using all of them as he grows. Love you!!


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