**UPDATE** 5:00pm

Jack is having an echocardiogram in the NICU right now. His EKG came back iffy with an irregular pattern.  A pediatric cardiologist will look at the results, and we'll hopefully know the results tomorrow morning.  We will both be released tomorrow morning with the possibility of seeing the pediatric cardiologist after being discharged. They don't seem to think it's a major issue (possibly something that might fix itself over time), so they haven't admitted him to the NICU, which I'm so thankful for.  We love having him in here with us, and it kills my heart every time they take him to run another test. Thank you for praying with us!  

This morning the nurses did a "carseat challenge" on Jack to see how he tolerated being in the carseat for one hour. They monitored his breathing and heart rate and maybe a few other things during this challenge. 

When they brought him back, they said that while he was being monitored, they picked up an irregular heart rate pattern. They spoke with the pediatrician, and he decided an EKG needed to be done.  

Jack had the test about two hours ago, and now we're waiting on the results. 

Our God is sooo big.   All I have to do is look back over the last couple of days and see that. 
I'm trusting Him, if there's a problem, to heal our boy.  Please pray with us as you have before. I know He hears!  


  1. Glad things are looking alright. I know it's not over yet but it's a step in the right direction. Love to you all.

  2. You know we are praying for a wonderful report from the pediatric cardiologist. God is listening to all the prayers everyone is sending up, and we stand on His promises. Hope you can get some rest tonight. Love you.


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