A busy couple of days = one exhausted momma

Well, hello.

I feel like I haven't posted anything in months.  But that could just be my lack of sleep and pure exhaustion speaking.

We had a busy weekend and last couple of days, so I thought I'd post before my mommy-brain took over, and I promptly forgot everything that happened.

Saturday, my parents drove into town.  Again.  Poor people.  They've gotta be so tired from the many trips they keep making here!

They went with us to our friend Leah's wedding.  Here are the three of us about to leave.

No children were allowed...but an exception was made for Jack :)  He was allowed to stay with my parents upstairs during the ceremony.  Here's what he did the entire time...

Right before the ceremony started...ahem...it's ok...you can say it.
We know we look exhausted.
P.S. The ceremony was all kinds of gorgeous!

After the ceremony...
Leah and her mom bought him this cute tuxedo onesie! :)

 On our way to the ceremony...anyone noticing a pattern?

 At the reception...we look more awake...maybe it's because we were about to eat...or because the music was crazy loud!  Notice how I have a blanket on one side of his head and a burp cloth on the other? :)

During dinner...

The beautiful bride!

We stayed until around 10.  It was a long, but fun night!  Thanks Mom and Dad for coming with us and making it possible for us to be able to see Leah and Ryan get married!

Sunday we went to church and then had friends and family over for lunch and a fun afternoon.  The four of us watched a few movies and then hit the sack.  We had an early day coming.  

Monday morning, so very bright and early, we headed to the pediatrician's office for Jack's circumcision.  He was a trooper!  Here he is all bundled up after we got home, and I finally got him calmed down.  He was pretty clingy yesterday and really just wanted to be loved on, but I didn't mind :)  Though my tired eyes sure did want to rest!

Today we had another early morning.  We had his two-week checkup!  Big Guy now weighs 7 pounds 5.5 ounces and is 19 inches long.  :)  Yay breast milk!
Here he is doing what I wish I could do!

I hear my boy stirring in there, so I'll end for now.  Maybe I'll get a nap in today!  Fingers and toes (and anything else that can be twisted) crossed!


  1. You know Grandpa and NaNa loved every minute of being with little Jack Campbell (and, of course, you and Spencer, too)! :) You are a wonderful mother and so very calm with him. And, yes, mother's milk is the best - 7 lbs. 5.5 oz. and a 1/2" longer proves it!!!!! Love you.

    P.S. Try to catch a few winks when he is sleeping. Your rest is very important, too.

    1. I don't know how calm I am. I think sleep deprivation plays a big role ;)

  2. Listen to your mom and get some rest. My mom constantly told me to sleep while the baby sleeps. Did I do it? No. Should I have? YES!!! So learn from my mistake, and listen to your mom. :)

    1. Girl, I'm trying! I have a day of nothing planned, so my dream is to sleep :)


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