32 Weeks - Pregnancy #2

Each Sunday, I'd like to do a highlights post, including a picture, summarizing the differences in my pregnancy from week to week.  I totally "grabbed" this idea from Kelly.  I did this with my pregnancy with Hadley, as well, and I still think it is a great way to jot down the things that I don't want to forget later on.  I'll probably write these on Saturday nights and attach the picture the next day.  That way I can stay semi-technology free :)

Pregnancy Highlights:

How far along:  32 weeks - Third Trimester

Size of baby:  Baby Boy is around 19 inches crown to feet and weighs as much as a head of lettuce (4 pounds according to the doctor on Friday)

Total weight gain/loss:  So far, I'm up 18 pounds total this pregnancy.

Maternity clothes:  I *heart* maternity clothes :)

Gender:  A very bouncy baby boy

Movement:  Big, uncomfortable movements and small hits and jabs are his thing these days

Sleep:  Sleep has become a fleeting thing.

What I miss:  Sleeping through the night and giving full-on hugs

Cravings:  ice cream

Symptoms: Back pain and contractions

Exercise: I exercised twice this week.

Belly Button in or out: It's not in or out.  It's just flat haha.

Wedding ring on or off: On :)

Happy or moody most of the time: This has not been the best week.  It's actually been pretty awful, but I'm sure I'll write a post about that in the next day or two.  The short of it is that I'm on complete bed rest until I hear otherwise from my doctor.  So, my mood is pretty lousy.  I'm mopey and grumpy and irritable, and honestly, I just want to be able to do the things that need to be done.  And, I'm not being allowed to do them, which is irritating me all the more.

Looking forward to:  Being told that things can go back to normal.

Best moment this week:  Seeing family at our baby shower.  Even if I was forced to sit with my feet up the entire time.  Y'all, I felt like a lazy bum.  Please pray for my heart during this time.  It's taking a beating, and I'm taking it out on others.  So, now I feel like a mean, lazy bum. :(

No, I didn't get dressed up just to take the picture.  We took this yesterday right before the shower.  :)


  1. Sooo sorry. I was on bedrest briefly with Leah too. And I think it was probably at 32-34 weeks. It was frustrating because the hubs was on a 6-month trip. But it's okay to be a bum. Baby Boy is totally worth it! :) And you can catch up on a bunch of reading!!! And Netflix! :)

    1. Please recommend some more books! I'm almost finished with the one I'm currently reading, and I'll go stir-crazy without another one to start. Yikes! :)

  2. I second what Amy has said. We're home and have had some food, so things are good. I'm about to try some of those Jordan Almonds you gave me - you know they are one of my weaknesses! :) Just reminding you how much your dad and I love you. I hope tomorrow is a much better day.

    1. I hope you enjoyed your Jordan almonds :). I saw them and thought of you!


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