A frightening tale

Have you ever witnessed something so terrifying that you just couldn't turn away?

I have.

Guess what has chosen our balcony for a home.

Guess what's hatched and is learning how to fly using our storage closet for a home base.

Oh yes.  I'm not sure how many usually hatch from a nest, but I'd say there's a good 20-30 growing stronger in there.  It's ca-razy to watch them come out of that little corner one after the other.  This is just a small sampling of those little buggers.

I'm basically terrified to go outside, but I constantly find myself stopping what I'm doing to head over to the sliding glass door to see what they're doing.

It's crazy.

It's actually neat in a Discovery-Channel kind of way.

And it's slightly adorable to watch as they huddle together.  It's sweet to watch as one tries out its wings, and then see it head right back to the little group.

Ok, it's also creepy.

Soooo creepy.

I asked The Husband to pick up a can or three of wasp spray on his way home.


  1. I know this is nature at work, but I'm with you about the wasp spray. Be careful and don't get stung! I've never understood what the draw is on your balcony - you seem to have always had the wasp problem. :(


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