The bedroom

Would you like to see the changes we made to our bedroom?
Well then, come on in!

As you may notice, two pieces of furniture stayed in their "spots."  The dresser to the right of this picture and the three-drawer piece of furniture to the left in the picture.  

 At first it felt strange to have our bed on the opposite wall.  But now, it feels perfect.  
Plus, I get to sleep on the right side of the bed, and that makes me oh-so-happy!

 The sign above the door got to stay in it's original spot.
Ok, I just noticed that The Husband's pillow is all smushed down.  I sat on that edge to take one of the above pictures and forgot to fix it!  Agh!  Stop staring at it.  It's just horrid.  But, the bed is already "turned down" for the night, so I refuse to remake it just to retake those pictures.  Oh, but the OCD part of me REALLY wants to.....
Night, y'all!


  1. I love what y'all have done. Everything looks so fresh and clean. And, the bed on the opposite wall looks just perfect. You're also making great use of the end tables. They look wonderful next to the bed. What a peaceful place to rest!


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