Our girl

Thursday, The Husband got a call from the funeral home saying that the grave stone had FINALLY arrived as well as the vase that my mother-in-law purchased.  The Husband didn't tell me where we were going until we got to Hobby Lobby that afternoon, and he asked me to pick out some flowers for the vase.

I NEVER thought I'd be happy to hear the words, "the funeral home called..."

We chose the sweet bouquet of green and white flowers (and they are similar in color to both her birth month stone--May/emerald--and the stone for the month in which she was due--August/peridot.)  I saw the butterfly in a separate part of the store and thought it would fit just perfectly.

An innocent, charming reminder of our girl.

A few minutes after we arrived, we found that we had that part of the cemetery to ourselves.  We stood quietly, lost in our own thoughts for quite a while.

And, then we went home with her still on our minds.

For the most part, we are doing well.  There are still days when I think about her often.  Moments, lately, when I realize that this last week in August was supposed to be the kick-off of our parenting journey.  Those moments are tough, but our God is amazing, and He guides us through those heart-stopping moments just beautifully.

And so.

We continue to move forward.


Today was your due date.

And, we miss you terribly.


  1. Oh, my, we all knew this day was coming; but I know my heart was filled with dread. I so wanted you and Spencer not to have to go through any more pain, but I realize that this too is a part of grieving and healing. We are so glad the stone and vase are in place - they look so perfect and we hope give you some peace. Your sweet Hadley is definitely like the beautiful butterfly - she has shed her earthly body and flown to the arms of Jesus. Even as my tears are falling, I can only be happy she is in a beautiful place. We love you and pray for your comfort.

  2. You know the butterfly that visited us a few days after the 4th? We have seen it several times since and God was so good in bringing that beautiful creature to us again yesterday. She flutters around for a few minutes and flies off. I believe it's a reasurance from our Savior that Hadley is flying free and at peace in His arms. I know being at the house today wasn't very eventful but I hope it helped. I love you both more than words could ever express and pray healing daily!


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