New things in reverse

I'm working backwards as I type up this post of new things.  Just a heads up.  You know, just in case you are not one of those people that thumbs through a magazine and begins reading the last pages first.

Again, I'm seriously contemplating getting rid of my FB account.  If I do, it may or may not be a forever thing.  We'll see.

This isn't exactly new news, but my finger is still sprained, which means today it still hurts to bend it.  It also means things like typing, writing, slicing, and stirring are difficult.
My current penmanship looks like a toddler's.  Though not an impressive sight normally, the act of signing my name on something now has simply become embarrassing.

The Husband and I went to visit my parents last week, and when we came home from that trip on Thursday it was with a few extra items: two pieces of gently used living room furniture from The Best Friend, to be exact.  They wanted more floor space in their living room, and The Husband desperately wanted a coffee table for ours.  So, we took their coffee table and side table (the second side table will be here Sunday along with my best friend and her girls!) off their hands.  Generous of us, I know. :)  But, really, we are so thankful!  The pieces look great in our rearranged living room.  See?

Earlier in the week, Monday I believe, the aforementioned spraining of my finger took place.  Y'all it was so ridiculous, but because people keep asking, here's the 411.
There was a giant spider (I was told later by The Husband that it was not giant, but we'll have to agree to disagree) on the carpet in my parents' living room.  Y'all, I do not like spiders.  When I go to step on them, they have a tendency to jump at me (maybe in self-defense?).  So.  So, I took off my green flip-flop, gripped it tight in my right hand with all fingers wrapped around except the pointer, and slapped that shoe down with all the might I had in my right arm.  Unfortunately, the flip-flop was floppy (who'd have thought), and therefore, when my mighty right hand went in for the kill, the flip-flop curled backward along with my pointer finger.  It was tear-inducing painful.  And, the stupid spider survived.  Stupid spider.

We saw my sister's family several times last week, one of which was to help celebrate my niece's seventh birthday.  A great time was had by all.  P.S. The piñata would not die either.

The day before we got to town, we went to a surprise engagement party for my sweet friend Leah and her new fiancé Ryan.  Ryan proposed to her earlier that evening, and she was riding that sweet happiness high for all to see.  We wish them all the best!!

The night before that, The Husband and I had a date night.  Dinner at Chick-Fil-A, entertainment by our good friend Michael and his group The Bus Kings (check. them. out.), and then a movie.  We don't have date nights often (almost NEVER), so this was a really, really nice treat.

Two weeks ago, we celebrated our first anniversary.  This first year of marriage has had its many ups and downs, and we are all the stronger for it.  We had saved a gift card we'd been given (by one of my sweet pre-k students) to an Italian restaurant called Carrabbas for that evening.  So we got all dressed up (The Husband wore the outfit he proposed to me in haha!), and headed out.  Our meal was delicious!  We picked up a movie at the local Redbox on our way home, dug in to the top layer of our wedding cake we saved (it was still yummy!), and settled in for the night.  We ended our anniversary evening by watching our wedding video one more time.  We LOVE that video! :)

There's one more bit of "new" news.  I put it in quotes because it happened a little over a month ago now, but things needed to be finalized (at least in my head) before I put it on here.
The headmaster of the school I've worked at for the last five years offered me the librarian position.  I will be running the library three days a week, and I will be working in the office the other two days like I did last year.  My new role as librarian has my head spinning trying to create trimester plans for eight grades, but I'm excited to be doing something new.  Something not in the typical classroom setting.  I'm very, very grateful for this school and the large part it has played in my life thus far.  It has been a blessing to work there each year, and I have met some of the kindest people who have become some of my closest friends along the way.

Ok, I think I'm all caught up now.  I can't believe how quickly this summer has gone by.
If you feel led, and selfishly, I hope you do, please pray for my mom in these coming weeks.  She will be having major surgery next week (as a result of the cancer she was treated for months ago).  Six weeks after this surgery, she will have one more major operation.  She's standing firm in her faith, as are we, but we know prayer is a powerful thing, directed toward an even more powerful God, Who is mighty to save.  Thanks y'all!


  1. Yeah, CONGRATS on the librarian position!! And thanks for supporting The Bus Kings!

  2. Thank you, sweetheart, for expressing my prayer needs. I'm sorry your finger is still hurting; I know it is hard not to use it, but try to keep it taped as much as you can. Your dad and I are excited about the librarian position - you have always loved books and reading, so we hope this will be an enjoyable new role for you. The living room looks very nice and comfortable. Love you.

  3. Finally, somebody else who reads the back of the magazine first! Awesome! They put the best stuff back there, plus you have to turn to the back to finish any article you start so you might as well read the last half first to see whether or not you want to go to the beginning and read it all...

    I digress.

    Congrats on the new position!



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