Much exhaustion and plenty of excitement, too

What a week!!  I'm so glad it's Friday.  Lots has happened this week, and I'd like to type it all up, but y'all, I'm so exhausted.  Plus, The Husband and I picked out a movie at the Red Box down the street, and we swung by DQ and got some yummy ice cream treats to go.  Date night! :)

So, here's the brief recap of this week.

Last Saturday, our friend Hank treated us to lunch at a Japanese Hibachi restaurant.  I had never had Japanese cuisine before, so it was a neat experience.  I had the Philadelphia roll and the shrimp friend rice.  Yum!!

Monday I started back to work officially.  All week we've had in-service (lots of meetings, a little time working in our classrooms).  It's exhausting.  My classroom preparation was a bit different this year since I don't technically have a classroom.  I have a library.   A library that houses over 20,000 books and several thousand textbooks.  There's been an issue with the software that keeps a record of those books and allows me to check them in and out.  Without it up and running, I'm stuck in a holding pattern.  I was able to tape and barcode textbooks this week (cue the killer headaches each night).  Lots and lots of textbooks.

I'm really looking forward to this school year.  It's going to be another exciting chapter in my teaching career.  When I began teaching eight years ago, I had dreams of one day becoming a school librarian.  I looked into it, but at the time, the prerequisites were not attainable for a brand new teacher.  Instead, I took some extra night courses toward a different certification.  I never really thought that one day I would actually get to call the library my classroom.  But it is.  And, though I never thought it would happen, God certainly knew.  It's really neat how He's allowed me to come back to that dream that was buried so long ago.  Right, Cousin Harry?! :)

Y'all, I can't wait to dig in to beautiful, classic, funny, adventure-ridden books with those kiddos!  I'm almost finished with my eight trimester plans for the eight grade levels visiting me each week (that's eighteen different classes), and I know I will heave a DEEP sigh of relief when those are complete.

Today, my parents stopped by to see the renovations from our recent modifications journey.  We met them for lunch at a local Mexican food restaurant after I left work.  We then came back here for a bit for them to take a tour.  My mom suggested that we might go look at lamps (I think she was just getting tired of me lamenting, both here and in person, over those hideous, maroon, skinny, bedside lamps that matched NOTHING in our bedroom, haha!).  We headed over to the local craft store, and after MUCH (think an hour of looking at the same twenty lamps over and over) deliberation (and maybe a lampshade swap or two--that's not illegal, right?), we picked out the perfect ones.   We really like them, and they add a whole new bit of loveliness to our bedroom!  Thanks so much, Mom and Dad, for our early Christmas present!! :)  They look great, don't you think?

Off to enjoy our treats and our movie! Have a great weekend!


  1. Yes, isn't it wonderful how God never forgets our dreams and, when we least expect it, He allows those forgotten dreams to come true!!! :)

    The classy, new lamps look as good in the pictures as they did in person - so glad you like them.

    Hope next week goes beyond well for you. PCS is very blessed to have you as the school's new librarian!!! Love you.


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