Modifications--Part ThisIsAlmostOverRight?

A sweet gal at church (I also sing with her in choir!  Hi Charlotte!) asked how the renovations were going this morning.  I've been quiet (not literally...The Husband can attest to this!) for a few days because
a) we threw our friend Bethany a surprise birthday shindig on Friday evening, and
2) most of Saturday, we worked more on this source of frustration project that we started over a week ago.

We are officially (I say that with a touch of hesitation) finished (*cough* except for minor paint touch ups) in our bedroom and the sink area.  We are officially (more hesitation) finished (*clears throat* except for hanging ALL of the wall art) in the living room.  The office (formerly known as the nursery, the office, and the guest bedroom) has become the resting place for all wall decor pieces and a few other miscellaneous items (random computer parts strewn about the room in disarray...I suppose it's technically not in disarray if "someone" here knows what exactly those parts do and where they can be found in the mass of chaos), so it needs a massive overhaul.  Other than a "minor" project (painting the doors and fixing up my bathroom in the *crosses toes* near future...and maybe doing a few things in the kitchen), our modifications journey has almost come to a close.  Hallelujah! Do a little hand-raising in praise with me for a moment.

I thought I'd give a sneak peek of the only area that's ready for viewing:  
the sink area in our bedroom.

I took a few photos with those lights on, but the color on the walls kept coming out yellow. The color we chose is called water chestnut, and it is a light tan (probably has a yellow base though).  Anywho, I took a few shots with the lights off, and voila! The water chestnut looks far more water chestnutty than the golden color that kept appearing.  I think it looks so nice with the white cabinets/bead board/baseboards.  Kerry, do those crosses look familiar?  Your Emma gave them to me almost six years ago when I taught her in first grade!  I adored that sweet group, and now YOU get to teach them! But I digress.  The Husband asked if I would like the towel rod hung on that wall instead of the smaller wall to the left of the sink.  I agreed, and I think it adds a nice touch; that whole area seems to have opened up a ton just by moving that one piece!  Crazy how that happens!

Do you see what appears to be backwards writing on the wall?  It's a total camera/flash glitch because I promise that there is no writing on our wall.  There is, however, writing on that mirror as well as on the mirror in his bathroom.  It's our top 3.  His top 3 are written on my mirror, and mine are on his.  They are helpful reminders (at least to me!  I can't speak for him.  Haha, oh my, I just had an image pop into my head of him speaking but my voice coming out of his mouth.  Weird.) of the ways we feel most cherished.  I can look at those words and remember how to show him I care in his own "love language." His top one is appreciation (at least on that list...his numero uno could have changed since I wrote those words up there months and months ago), and I try to remember to thank him whenever he has done or is doing something that's helpful around here or for our family in general.  It's been super easy to throw out those words of appreciation lately because he has worked his tail off around here trying to get things looking good!  I'm sooooo proud of his hard work and for how lovely things have turned out!  Way to go, Babe!!

So, there you have it.  As the other rooms get their touch ups and their artwork hung, I'll post more pictures.

Happy SONday, dear ones, and have a blessed and beautiful week!


  1. Well done!!!! Can't say more than that because it hurts to sit up for too long. Will look forward to the next pictures. Love you.


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