Modifications--Part 4

No, we're not finished yet. This seems to have become the project that goes on and on and on.

But, The Husband tells me we're close.  So close.  I have no illusions of finishing tonight, but I'm crossing my toes that we'll be finished by tomorrow afternoon.

We did actually get to sleep in our very own bed last night.
No more yowling cats for us.  Or squeaky springs.

Below are a few "before and after" shots from yesterday and today.


The Husband started peeling away the wall paper that the former owner painted over.  
The blue flowery wallpaper.  
It had started coming up in places, and therefore, we decided to redo the sink area, as well. 
So, here he is hard at work slicing into the wallpaper.  
  While pulling the wallpaper away from the wall, it also pulled off the white stuff below and left the cardboard-looking stuff.  
Y'all, it doesn't matter how many times he tells me the names of these things, I just can't remember them.
 In this shot, most of the wallpaper had been removed.
He then hung this old sheet so that we couldn't make the same mistake twice:  sheetrock and anything remotely similar to sheetrock is not what you want floating around your house.  
 He startled smoothing on the joint compound (I know it's called that because I am brilliant and looked on the container!) on this wall to the right and the small wall to the left of the sink.  
It had to dry overnight.
I peaked quickly under the sheet to snap a shot.  
 This was what our bedroom looked like yesterday afternoon.  It was still a huge mess with dust resting on every. single.  item.  
We cleaned well into the night just so we could sleep in that bed.


This morning, he sanded down all of the joint compound.  A thick, white powder covered that whole area of the floor.  
The inside of our vacuum looks pathetic.
But hey, that electrical socket (with actual electricity) and that face place look smashing, right??
 I cleaned the baseboards and taped up everything so that it can be painted.  
Didn't he do a great job fixing that wall?!  He's incredibly handy and knows how to fix just about anything!  I'm so thankful and so very proud of how hard he's worked to fix things up around here.
 Well, the bedroom was "clean" last night, but it has since become the storage place again for all painting/remodeling tools and for all the things that had to come off the walls.

The Husband is in there now painting the rest of the hallway/entry hall into our bedroom.  Once he finishes that, he'll add texture to the paint and begin working in the sink area.  I'm hoping for an earlier-to-bed night than last night, but I'm not holding my breath! :)

My mom had her surgery yesterday, and though she's in lots of pain, she's doing well. Thanks so much for praying for her.  We're praising God for a successful surgery, and we're now praying that her recovery time is so short that it will amaze her doctors!


  1. It's looking fantastic! Don't you just love when what seems to be a simple project just goes on forever? But it will be gorgeous! Sorry I couldn't help, we just finished painting ourselves and grandma's furniture got here on Tuesday.

    Looking forward to seeing you guys tomorrow!

    1. Girl, I knew you were still in the throws of painting your own house, haha! You'll have to come over and see it when it's finished. And, you know I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to see your place!
      I'm looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night, too!

  2. The condo is looking better and better!!! There is nothing like having freshly painted walls to perk up a home. Keep the pictures coming. Love you.

    (As you can tell from the posted time, I'm up because it was time to take some pain meds!!!).


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