Modifications--Part 3

Do you know what your husband is doing right now?
Here's mine scraping away the shoddy workmanship of the builder.  

He's already scraped away the wall next to my sink and the windowsill that was falling apart.  When we get finished with this place, it's going to be like new.

He needed a mask for all of the dust/debris he was kicking up with that tool that-I-don't-know-the-name -of.  We didn't have a mask lying around.  Or a bandanna.  So that's what he chose.  He's pretty good at improvising, right?
I know you're jealous.

A continued list of things I'm learning:

4.  Electricity and The Husband do not mix.  Well, actually, they've mixed quite a lot these past few days.  Too much.  He's been shocked (and has the electrical cuts/burns to prove it) so many times that I've lost count.  But our brand-spankin'-shiny outlets, switches, and wall plates look great! :)

5.  Small painting projects that one might assume (Hello, my name is Joy, and I ridiculously believed that we would be finished by now) would take a matter of days, often turn into major undertakings that last far longer (though the cats are unfazed by the process, as you can see below).

6.  I have never missed my own bed so much.
I am SO very thankful that we have a couch bed to sleep on.  However, I will not miss the sounds of cats yowling at one another at 1:00am in either irritation or amusement.  Take your pick.  They sound the same.
Nor, will I miss the squeaky, squeaky mattress that lets me know every time one of us takes a breath, turns a head, or moves an arm.  No.  I.  Will.  Not.  For the record, my earplugs do help quite a bit, but even they don't seem to block that piercing sound all the way.


  1. When renovations are going on, it seems they will never end, but when they're done, you'll be so happy! I've been there!

  2. Well, you remember when Jim did his many, many projects in our house. He performed miracles, but most of them did take quite a while!! LOL It is so wonderful that Spencer is such a talented craftsman, but please tell him to BE CAREFUL with the live wires (our recommendation is to shut off the power Before tangling with the wiring)!!!!! Can't wait to see the finished product. Love you.


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