Modifications--Part 2

Things I've learned so far in our house-modification journey:

1. When replacing pieces of sheet rock, don't expect the sheet rock dust to stay in a nice two by two area under the place being worked on.  Oh no.  Expect those particles to reach crevices that you often forget exist.  Across the room.

2. Scrubbing base boards, painting borders, and rolling paintbrush rollers is all painful/awkward with a sprained finger.  

3.  Wear comfortable shoes.  Then, when you notice those "comfortable" shoes aren't really all they're cracked up to be, don't insist on wearing them longer out of sheer laziness.  Toe cramps set in.  Not pretty.

Back to work.


  1. Y'all look very professional. What color is the new wall paint? One of these days, we'll get to see all the "modifications" y'all have made. Love you - take care of the sprained finger!!!!

  2. Oh, I just *love* the adventures of sheetrock... ;)

    You look really lean in that picture, BTW! I didn't get a chance to tell you on Wednesday morning how great you look! Whatever you're doing, it's definitely working!



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