To lose or not to lose...

**Y'all are all so lovely.  I know I shouldn't have to put a disclaimer at the top of this post, but there are people in this life who don't fully weigh their words before sharing them.  We all fall short; no one is perfect.  I realize my problems aren't nearly what they could be.  I know there are horrible things happening in the world every day, and there's a great deal of suffering going on around us.  But.  I struggle, too.  Because this is my blog, and because I value your friendship and your prayers and good wishes, most of the time I choose to be open with what's pressing on my heart.  I do so love reading your comments, but you and I both know that words have the power to uplift and to tear down.  That being said, if you desire to read further and comment on this post, please be kind.  I appreciate you!**

The six months I was pregnant with Hadley were amazing (except the morning sickness hah!).  I loved almost every minute of it, and I certainly wouldn't exchange those months for anything.  Like most pregnant women, I gained weight.  Weight that was healthy because it meant she was growing.  I gained fourteen to fifteen pounds over that span of time.

After the delivery and the month that followed, I lost six pounds.  It has been over two months now, and I have not been able to lose any of the eight or nine pounds remaining.  I have been eating healthy (not starving myself or gorging myself), and I have been exercising four to five times a week for the last five weeks (weights, Pilates, cardio).  


Sometimes, I swear that scale teases me. It will show that I lost a pound or half a pound only to show that I gained it back the next day.  I can tell my arms look more toned than they did while I was pregnant, so I know the Pilates and the weights are working.  It's just frustrating to work so hard and to not see the results I was hoping for.  Most of the "problem" areas seems to be in my upper legs and my stomach.  Y'all, I am a short girl.  Any weight gain is noticeable.  

So, this is me.  Being completely honest.  I need some ideas from gals who have struggled with getting rid of those extra pounds that just linger.  What did you do that helped?  I completely admit that I am not obese nor am I considered "over-weight," but I would really like for my old clothes to fit the way they used to.  Not out of vanity, mind you, but out of being a good steward of what we have.  I can't justify buying a new wardrobe just because I can't lose these extra pounds/inches.  Because I wished for things to feel more normal, I gave all of the maternity clothes I had borrowed months ago back to their owners.  So.   I'm left with the things hanging in my closet, and y'all, I just can't keep wearing the same two pairs of shorts and same three shirts over and over again this summer.  When fall and winter hit, I need to be able to wear more than just the four dresses I can fit into.  I have to be able to shimmy into my jeans and slacks again.  Being able to zip and button them would be a beautiful bonus...

We are on a limited income right now, so purchasing something new is not really an option.  We have a prepaid year-long membership to the gym that's not up until November (thank you, Lord!), and we have healthy food in the refrigerator.  

I have the will-power.  I just need the know-how.  

If you have helpful hints, please share them.  
If you have a word or two of encouragement, I'd love to read those, too.  
Funny stories regarding standing on your head in order to get your jeans to slide just one more inch? By all means, type away.  
I'd love to read about others who have struggled with this and who have succeeded. 

On your mark.
Get set.
Go! :)


  1. As much as I wish I could give you sage advice, I'm afraid I can't. Being a "shorty" myself, the extra pounds/inches have always been very noticeable. Also, sometimes our post-pregnancy bodies never look quite the way they did before. You are doing all the right things with your diet and exercise (and it has only been a little over two months), so keep doing what you are doing and you will continue to get stronger and leaner. P.S. We'll have to have a girl's shopping trip when you come. :) Love you.

    1. I'm going to keep at it! I just would like to see something happen to give me a little hope, ya know? :)

    2. I DO KNOW!!!!! Talk to your exercise instructor - maybe she can give you some good advice. Keep a positive attitude and run up and down those stairs a few times!!!!!! :)

  2. Ok, this is your fitness instructor speaking-

    I can see the change in your body. Already. It's been amazing to watch things shift to accommodate your pregnancy, and then watch everything change again. I know it's frustrating, but you ARE getting your body back. It might not be exactly the same as it once was, because it did grow, nourish and birth a child- some changes may be longer lasting, though not necessarily permanent, but I CAN SEE CHANGE HAPPENING! You are doing so great and have been so faithful! I can see your waist getting smaller. I can see your arms firming up. The hips, thighs and midsection are the hardest places to see changes at first, because they do not show body fat loss as quickly as the bonier areas of the body do. It's part of what sucks about being female- our bodies are hardwired to accumulate, carry and store fat in those areas. Your hips may remain wider, as the bones shifted and spread to accommodate the baby, but they also might settle back to their normal size over time. I can't say, specifically, because each body is different, but you are doing good work here and it is not in vain! You are probably also regaining some of the lean muscle tissue lost during the months that you were unable to exercise, and that can definitely reflect a number on the scale that you might see as discouraging. A pound is a pound, but a pound of muscle is more dense and takes up less space than a pound of fat. Consider a one-pound brick, compared to a pound of feathers (and what a mess to clean up that would be!). Have faith. Continue to be consistent. It will happen. I'm sure your hormones are also still returning and readjusting to their pre-pregnancy levels. That can take three months, minimum, to sort out. Be patient with yourself. Continue to love and nurture yourself and care for your body and all it has been through.

    In the meantime, you might arrange a fun "clothing swap" day with some friends. I have a friend who likes to clean out her closet every season, making it a party with refreshments for all of her girlfriends to attend and participate in. Everyone brings things that no longer fit, or that they don't like or don't wear, and you just trade items of clothing. Each person gets a couple of new outfits (or more) out of it! There's also Plato's closet, if you have anything in good condition you might want to sell. You could also try thrift stores. There's also a place, Burke's Outlet, that sells heavily discounted brand name stuff. The one here is in some obscure location, but I often shop at the one in my hometown. They have insane deals.

    I do understand your frustrations and want to help in any way possible. I can always listen, if you want to talk!



    1. Jennifer, girl, if you don't have a blog, you should start one up! :)
      Thank you, thank you for the encouragement and for your words of wisdom. I LOVED the idea of a clothing swap--what a fun afternoon that would be. :)
      See you Tuesday!

  3. Well, I sure think your fitness instructor just gave you the best advice! I just lost over 25 lbs and I did it by cutting back and walking. I'm much older than you, so the body does get different. One thing I do is when I walk, I swing my arms behind me and it makes me turn more at the waist every step. I have lost several inches in my waist. But I think you have to give yourself more time. I know how frustrating it is to not get into your clothes! I had a pair of small jeans that I had saved from a thinner time and tried them on every few days....gradually they got easier and easier to put on and now they fit perfectly. Also muscle does weigh more than fat so that could be one reason you aren't seeing the scale move. But move it will....just keep at it. Oh, one other thing I do is drink 64 oz. of water very day. That helps a lot! Wishing you all the best!

    1. Thank you! I have increased the amount of water I drink. I try to drink half my body weight in ounces each day (I add lemon juice to help aid in digestion and to give it some flavor...), and the only other beverage I have during the day is almond milk in a protein shake.
      Congratulations on losing the 25 pounds & a big "yay!" for fitting into that pair of jeans!!


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