This and that

This happened at our house this afternoon.
Three guesses.

Yep, you smart thinker, you.  
Our water heater kicked the bucket.  

We got a call from our downstairs neighbor letting us know that water was dripping out of the drain pipe downstairs that's attached to the water heater upstairs.
We dashed out to the balcony where our water heater is stored in a closet.
Water had filled that metal pan at the bottom, and there were lots of things on the ground that were soaking wet.  
Sadly, things are rusted and beyond repair.


So, The Husband and his dad are out buying a new one as I type this.
I'm truly thankful for a husband who can fix just about anything and for a father-in-law who can fix the things The Husband doesn't know how to! 

We are praising God for the money some members of our worship team family at church gifted us with last week.  
It has helped offset the cost tremendously. 
Thank you, sweet friends! 

The upside? 
We are being forced to clean out that totally-junked up storage closet!  Whoo hoo!
I can't wait to get out there and start organizing once everything is tip-top.


 and that
are what I did Saturday afternoon with my gal-pal Bethany.
Thank you, Mommy-In-Law, for that hour and a half of relaxation!


This is what I fixed for dinner Sunday evening.
4 eggs with a dash of almond milk -- scrambled

A couple of handfuls of mushrooms and 1 red bell pepper -- diced and sautéed 

Mixed together in a pan on medium with salt, pepper, and feta cheese crumbles sprinkled on top



This is what The Husband decided we should do last night, at, oh say, 8:00.  

 Neat building.
 We drove by the bed and breakfast we stayed at for our honeymoon almost a year ago.  
We loved Grace Manor.
 We made our way over to this ice cream joint down the street for some half-price beverages.
 and that
are what we saw while we sat on the wall and enjoyed our ice cream treats.

Here's us on the wall.
I look dazed haha.
And tired.
You know, it was almost 11:00pm by this time.
Because we drove to Galveston at 8:00 at night.
Yeah. :)

We drove all the way down the island and then turned around and headed home.
It was a fun way to end the weekend!

Now, on to cleaning up the mess that is our storage closet!


  1. Sure am glad you've gotten a new hot water heater. Even in this heat, you still want hot water for dishes and baths/showers!! LOL Looks like y'all had fun in Galveston. One of these days, we'll go there. Who knows, we might even stay at Grace Manor!!!! Love you.


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