Busy days

This past weekend was busy, and I just didn't have a minute to sit and type up a post about our few days with The Bestie.  She (with her sweet baby in tow) got here Thursday around lunch time.  She gave me this sweet necklace charm from my favorite jewelry store; isn't it gorgeous?
The stone in the middle is Hadley's birthstone.  I just love it, and I've worn it every day since. Thank you, Sweet Friend, for such a beautiful, thoughtful gift.
I get to carry her with me.

We hung out here at the house, chatting and catching up, and then the four of us met The Husband's mom and sister at the gym.  Those gals offered to take care of the baby while we went to one of our weekly classes up there.  Y'all, my best friend is so dang skinny, and she NEVER works out nor does she have to, but I convinced her to go to the class with us.  I think she thought she was dying back there (with all those dirty looks she kept giving me!), but she toughed it out, and although she was in some pain that evening (and for the next day or so after, haha), I think she enjoyed it!  I loved having her in there with me.  We complained to each other about how hard it was and laughed that the one time she visits ends up being the time where Jennifer (our awesome instructor) kicks our tails even harder!  But we made it, and then the six of us met up with the rest of The Husband's family (minus one) to eat dinner at a local restaurant.  It's a buffet-style restaurant, and there was TONS of yummy food.  We were all stuffed as we walked to our cars and drove home.  Once the baby was down for the count, the three of us visited and chatted until we couldn't keep our eyes open any longer and the yawns became too much to bear.  I didn't hear that sweet baby once as I dozed that night, and I hope that means she slept well for her sleepy momma. :)

The next day, I got the crock pot going for a late lunch, and The Husband, The Bestie, and I played a few games.

Playing Farkle!  
There is no skill involved whatsoever in playing this game.  

This is how The Husband shuffles a deck of cards.  
He swears it works.  
The four Wild cards and two Skip cards in my hand after that shuffle begged to differ. ;)
I love this girl!
I feel both so happy and so sad when I look at the two of them in this sweet picture.  
She is such a doll!
After a (very) late lunch, they had to get back on the road, and The Husband and I were sad to see them go.  The house felt too quiet once they were gone.

The weekend flew by; I honestly can't remember what we did on Saturday.  Isn't that bizarre?
But Sunday, oh Sunday.  We sang and worshiped and heard the message and took communion together as the body of Christ.  I know I've said it before, but I absolutely, positively, love our church.  The fellowship, being apart of the worship team (and the praise team), the sermons, the atmosphere.  Everything.  I can't bare the thought of ever moving away from here because of how much I adore our church.  I know there are other wonderful churches out there, but ours feels like home.  You know what I mean?  I hope every single one of you has found or soon finds that same thing.  It's a beautiful blessing.  I wish tomorrow were Sunday.

Today, The Husband and I got up a little earlier than usual, got ready, and went on a little road trip.  We drove for about an hour and a half and found ourselves here.

We very much enjoyed the different parts of the tour that my cousin Jenny got us set up on (thank you!!), but our favorite part was this:
Mine :)
And this.
His :)
And seeing Jenny at the end! :)
Tomorrow we get to meet up with my parents and my sister for lunch!  It's been a while since we've seen my parents and even longer since we've gotten to visit with my sister.  I'm excited to spend some time with them!


  1. Wow, you two have had a jam-packed last few days!!! So glad Kelli and Brynna could come for a visit. We're jealous about the Blue Bell trip - it's been quite a while since we've been on the tour. How fun y'all were able to see Jenny, too. We look forward to seeing y'all tomorrow and catching up!!! Love you.

    1. We loved having lunch with you guys!

  2. What a fun few days! I should take my kids to Blue Bell this summer. They've never been! I've been too many times to count.

    1. Yes, you should! We liked it, and I always enjoy the drive up there. Try to go earlier in the morning. They get up to 2,000 visitors a day in the summer. We got there around 10 and beat the rush. :)

  3. Took Chelsea and Paul last week and you and Paul have the very same taste in ice cream. So worth the trip to Brenham and we had fun tooling around downtown Brenham after the tour.

    1. Lorri, I totally thought of Paul as I ate my tasty Mint Chocolate Chip ice cream! I remembered you posted a picture on FB of him eating his :)

  4. I had a very good time visiting with you!!!! I was sore until Sunday morning..Though, I do feel quite fit and tone at the moment. Can one exercise session do that?? Yea, I didn't think so..Just wishful thinking. Don't mislead others into thinking I don't HAVE to work out..I need to..I am just proportioned differently and it makes me look "skinnier" in the right areas lol. Thanks for having me! I can't wait to see you again

    1. Lol I don't know if one Body Blasters class can make you feel like that, but I know one Pilates class can! :)


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