The moment the test came back positive

The moment we loved you for the first time

The moment we heard your heartbeat

The moment we saw your arms and legs moving, moving

The moment we found out something might be wrong

The moment we saw you were a girl, and we began to pray pray pray for you like never before--by name

The moment you first kicked or shoved, and Daddy and I could feel you at the same time

The moment I worried that I wasn't feeling you like I had been

The moment they tried and tried and tried but couldn't find your heartbeat

The moment the doctor shook her head and said, "I'm sorry."

The moment we were admitted to the hospital, in the maternity ward, where mothers were delivering their sweet little ones

The moment the nurses began to induce and the physical pain set in right alongside the emotional pain we were all in the midst of

The moment we realized it was going to be a long night...and then a long day

The moment that I delivered you

The moment the nurse laid you on my lap

The moment Daddy and I saw your beautiful, perfect feet and your teeny, tiny hands

The moment we said goodbye

The moment we remembered you, shared your sweetness with others, and buried you in the midst of far too many small graves

The moment we cried and prayed and thanked God for those moments we had with you

We love you, sweet Hadley Grace, and we miss you oh so much.  
You have left a hole inside of us, but we are begging and trusting God to fill it like only He can.


Because, we know that you are His.  You were His from the beginning, and we are beyond grateful for the time we had you. 

Though it feels far far far too short.  

Keep praising Jesus, Little One, and keep dancing before His throne with those precious, glorious feet.  

We can't wait to join you. 


  1. My tears are falling as I read this, but I know you needed to share all of this pain and sorrow. May that sorrow turn into happiness as you look to the Lord for your strength. Precious Hadley Grace is definitely dancing at Jesus' feet, and we will all get to meet her one day. Our arms continue to hold you and Spencer. We love you bunches.

  2. Sweet Joy. You are in my heart and prayers and will continue be. May you be comforted by the love of those around you and by His perfect love.


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